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7 Most Useful/Utility Android Apps for 2022

Mobile apps are the ingredients that spice up our smartphones and make them appear enticing when showed off in public. In this article, you’d find the most useful/utility Android Apps for 2019 that should be installed on your Android smartphone.

The Utility Android Apps for 2019

1. Google Suite

G suite

Google Suite consists of powerful office applications and appears to be a direct alternative to the popular MS office app; it stands head to head with respect to what Microsoft offers.

The Google Suite Mobile App is quite flexible; you’ll be able to edit and write into files at ease – Also, it comes with a powerful voice processor that converts what you speak to words.

With so much for free, one can intentionally ignore the minor flaws of this app and it is the closest direct alternative you can go for in place of Microsoft Office app.

Furthermore, sharing of documents appears to be very easy with this tool. You get to easily collaborate and share documents with other people irrespective of the platform they are using.

Get started with G Suite

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2. Netflix


Netflix is one of the biggest names in video streaming. Giants like Amazon have been trying hard to beat them at their game but Netflix keeps evolving and meeting up with the latest industry technologies. For a low price point, you get access to unlimited shows and Netflix Originals.

The library of TV shows and movies is amazingly large and it keeps increasing on a daily basis with new ones been added to the library. There are also features for everyone on board like offline viewing and 4k streaming. You get to watch many originals like Narcos, Orange is the new black, Stranger things, and lots more.

To mention but a few, this app offers a decent selection of streaming anime titles. Netflix is no longer just about killing time; it’s about keeping up with the conversation about the latest hit shows.

Download Netflix Android App directly from here

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3. MakerBot 3d printing app



MakerBot 3d printing app is a revolutionary app that is designed to help you create as many 3d stuff as possible without much stress and processes.

The vast library of already made models (templates) makes it easy for you to print an instant 3D design for your home, thus it saves you some money.

The community thrives in suggesting and improving designs and members are consistently helpful on various aspects of 3d printing.

Download MakerBot 3D Printing App

4. Snapseed Image Editor


Snapseed started as a startup but was later acquired by Google. The app functions as an image editor and also a filter app. What i like about the app compared to other apps image editing apps out there is the fact that you are fully in charge of how you apply filters and effects to images.

There are also advanced filters available to make raw edits and fine-tune adjustments and achieve much greater detail in those images.

The flexibility of this app makes it a preferred option among professional photographers and amateurs alike.

Get started with SnapSeed

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5. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer

File browsing on an Android phone can be really tasking because the native explorer often falls behind; there’s no hierarchy in the organization. Most of us like our videos in one place, documents in other folder and so on. The lack of hierarchy in our native browsing system creates the need for 3rd party file browsers.

Solid Explorer is a capable file explorer that lives up to its name and does a good job. The features are Material Design, archiving support, cloud base services support and also includes advanced features like FTP support, SFPT, WebDay, and SMB support. There’s a 14-day free trial after which you will need to purchase the app for just a little token below $2.

Install Solid Explorer from Playstore

6. Tasker and IFTT


Tasker is an automation app that is really boon to use. Considering the fact that this is an app made for smartphones you’d definitely marvel at the power it exhumes. One can create custom made commands and use them to automate things. There are apps that are integrated with Tasker and works with it.

You can also move from simple to complex commands with the app using NFC tags. The app’s power can only be realized when you start using it and it’s difficult to explain it in words.

Think of it like IFTT- If this then that which uses simple diagrammatic structures to create programs that automate everyday tasks. Provided you have the time and resources to learn, Tasker is much more powerful and applies more raw programming to do tasks. It’s one of our 2018 favorites based on my usage.

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Proceed to use the tasker and ifttt app

7. Zedge

zedge Zedge

Zedge app is for those who have totally fallen in love with their phones. It has everything; ranging from ringtones, wallpapers, notification tones, alarm tones, phone themes etc. to customize your phone to look exactly the way you want it to look.

There are also custom themes, tones and designs based on celebrations and holidays like Christmas and Halloween. The app has an uncertain UX which makes usage somewhat difficult.

However, where the app scores low on usability it scores big on having the most extensive collection of tones, themes, and wallpapers.

Install Zedge Mobile App

Wrap Up:

These may not appear to be your best Android Apps for 2018 but you may find one or more of them useful and make them active on your smartphone.

Kindly share with us your best Android App so far this year via the comment section below.

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Originally posted on December 29, 2019 @ 3:00 pm

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