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6 Airtight Tips for Improving Your Website Design in 2022

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Just as the year goes by, new trends erupt for web designers. If you’re still utilizing old web design trends in 2021, it won’t be long and you may lose out in the competition. Quite a lot of things have changed. People now prefer websites that load faster and presents information in clear visuals. It is not enough to write original content, but you also need a catchy website design to attract and retain your visitors. Gone are the days when minimizing white spaces where the trend, now, more new trends have joined the list. If you’re a professional web designer or a website owner, you need to adhere to these web design trends of 20210= to keep your website rocking.

Airtight tips for improving your website design in 2021

Website Design Trends

1. Don’t delete white spaces anymore

Previously, designers were told to eliminate or minimize white spaces to the very least possible. However, white spaces should be brought back, and that is because they help with readability and recognition purposes. Yes, white spaces can be used to separate sections, boxes, and quite other elements on a webpage. In fact, white spaces are now an important element of modern web design, and they shouldn’t be ignored. Nevertheless, you must be careful not to have so many void spaces (white spaces) on your website, as it can make the design boring.

2. Focus on mobile usability

Many people that access the internet use smartphones to do that; thus, most visitors to your website will likely use mobile phones. In this regard, a web page should be structured to run smoothly on mobile devices, having a responsive interface that would blend perfectly to any mobile phone screen and load all contents properly. Focusing more on the mobile design of a website is more important than its desktop version.

3. Optimize all elements to load faster

Apparently, a website consists of various elements; from the design elements to the contents published on the site. One of the core ways to improve your website design in 2020 is by optimizing the various elements that make up the website. This includes minifying JS and other scripts, as well as set images to lazy load. A website that is unoptimized takes time to load its elements and contents. As reported by Google, “61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.” Optimization helps a webpage to load very fast across platforms. Also, when your site loads very fast, your visitors won’t have reasons to check out a competitor site, thereby keeping you ahead of your competitors.

4. Mind your theme

Talking about web design trends, themes play a vital role in deciding how your website appears to visitors, as well as how your contents appear to readers. While there are tons of responsive themes (especially for websites built with WordPress CMS), not all themes are suitable for different types of websites. First of all, you have to check out the theme your competitors are using, test the theme(s) at the backend of your site and see if it really fits in. Even though you want to be unique, you cannot use a theme for eCommerce websites to design a company website or a news blog. That said, you must be selective when picking a theme for your website design or redesign.

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5. Call-to-actions should not be neglected

Especially on business websites, you should integrate one or more call-to-action buttons so that your customers can be able to find support in navigating your business site easily. Call-to-action buttons are among the website design tips and tricks for 2020; they can help website visitors to find their way around the site to get what they are actually looking for. There are various call-to-action buttons you can integrate on a modern website, most notably, chatbots. Currently, chatbots are becoming very important elements found on many sites. More interestingly, chatbots are easy to create, and most of them are free.

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6. Stick to or maintain an easy-to-navigate design

Most importantly, in 2020, your website should be easy to navigate, so that a visitor can be able to access many parts of the websites easily. A simple design would have been what you need, but it’s not just about being simple, it’s all about placing navigation menus/sliders in areas that they are supposed to be. When your website is easy to navigate, a visitor will spend more time reading more articles or pages. It’s an important web design trend for 2020, which must not be ignored.

Website design tips and tricks 2021 – FAQs

Should I design my website myself?

Well, these days, it is not difficult to design a website from scratch, thanks to the various flexible Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, etc. Yes, you can design your website by yourself following video tutorials you can see on YouTube. However, it is advisable to engage a professional (freelance web designer) if it is a business/company website.

What kind of theme should I use?

There are many themes you can use for your website design in 2020. For websites built with WordPress, there are tons of good themes available on Envato, ThemeForest, and other similar places. Also, you can check out the theme used by competitor websites.

What more?

Hopefully, this article has detailed everything you should know about web design trends in 2021. Additionally, if you’re a web developer, and you’ve got spare time to read another interesting article, here are the 12 best web development tools for 2021.

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