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Not everyone enjoys reading long articles – to me, it mostly gets boring once I’m done with the first 500 words. However, if it is a “how-to” or DIY guide, I wouldn’t mind spending the whole day trying to understand every step. So, because I don’t like spending much time reading long articles, I had to search for sites that help summarize essays and long articles.

The best online article summarizer

summarizing tool without plagiarizing
Article Summarizer

1. TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) – best summarizing tool

Just like the name interprets, you are looking to summarize an article because it is too long. This website is one of the best online article summarizing tools you can use to save time and get the key points from a long read. You can use a free account or upgrade to “premium” to enjoy more features.

TLDR is available as a web app and also a Chrome browser extension. It is an app to boost your productivity. Interestingly, all that’s required by TDLR is the URL to the long article and it does the summary. Nevertheless. you can copy the entire text and paste it on TLDR.

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2. Prepostseo – best free summarizing tool

Another AI-based Summarizer is Prepostseo’s Text Summarizer. It has a different variation for summarizing your text including Bullets, Best lines, Ranked Base whereas it also gives the option of summary length. You can select the length of the summary you want. It’s completely free and you don’t need to sign up for using this online summary tool.

3. Resoomer – best paraphrasing and summarizing tool

Oh! Resoomer is a comprehensive article and essay summary generator. The web app is pretty handy for researchers, librarians, students, and everyone else that needs to summarize a long article. Also, this article summarizer website is available as browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox browsers.

Resoomer helps increase productivity; it serves as an unbeatable tool for a student studying essays and summaries. You can continue with a free account or upgrade to a premium account. Also, you can either paste the URL of the long article or copy the entire text to Resoomer.

4. Free Summarizer – best summarizing tool without plagiarizing

I tagged this article summarizer as the “best summarizing tool without plagiarizing” because it also supports a plagiarism checking tool. However, you get to use one of the tools at a time. In essence, you can summarize and then check for plagiarism or vice versa.

Article summarizer

Using this summarizing tool is great; it indicates many key points with highlighted colors. Free Summarizer is one of the best summary generators you’ve got to use.

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5. SMMRY – best article summarizing tool

SMMRY is the best summarizing tool for most US students – the website is free and allows many options. You can upload the long essay or article as a file or paste the URL to where it is published. Also, you can copy the text and paste it on SMMRY. Most interestingly, SMMRY is free to use and takes a few minutes to summarize your long read.

Also, you can summarize PDFs and TXT documents by uploading them to SMMRY. The simple interface of this site makes it one of my best text paraphrasers.

What more?

Well, these four websites/tools are my best article summarizing tools. You can use them to save yourself from reading a long, tiring article or essay. Obviously, these tools work with A.I. to fish out the important aspects of an article or essay.

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