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Top 10 Best Audio to Text Apps for WhatsApp

You’d probably be asking yourself is there a way one could just speak to his/her phone, and the words will automatically convert into texts? Especially after a stressful day and you still have lots of writing to be made or conversations with your clients. Well, the answer to that question is YES; the solution is the use of audio to text apps. Here, we are going to list the best audio to text apps for Whatsapp; however, you can still use these audio to text apps for other platforms asides WhatsApp.

Some people may want to know what an audio to text app is?

What is an Audio to Text App

Audio to text apps are apps that effectively collect or take audio content and transcribes the collected audio content into written words (text) in a word processor or other places. The audio to text apps are suitable for those who create large writing content but have little time to do the typing manually; it’s also beneficial to those with disabilities who find it difficult to use the keyboard.

So, there are much audio to text apps everywhere on the internet, and you can get any of them. But for this article, we are focusing on the BEST AUDIO TO TEXT APPS for WhatsApp messenger.

Top 10 Best Audio to Text Apps for WhatsApp

1. Audio to text for WhatsApp

Audio to text for WhatsApp

Audio to text for WhatsApp is an amazing application for transcribing audio into written words or text instantly. All you need to get this service is android version 4.4 and above.

The latest version (version 3.5) of audio to text app for WhatsApp, comes with amazing features. Among these features includes, it converts three minutes of each audio to text, its converts audio from all applications not only WhatsApp and finally it supports up to 22 unique languages.

How to use

To use this feature, just long press on the audio you wish to convert into text, then click on the share button on your WhatsApp messenger, then click on audio to text and then click on get a text from audio.  That’s all.

Install on Android

Install on iOS

2. Textr- voice message to text


This is another nice audio to text app for WhatsApp messenger. It converts your voice messages into text. I can also call this speech to text. To get the latest version of this app, you need android version 4.1 and above. Textr supports 71 different languages; its features include transcription of audio files, speech to text, and converts voice messages to text message.

How to use

Just like in audio to text for WhatsApp above, to get a text from an audio, long press on the voice message you wish to use on your WhatsApp messenger and click on the share button, then click on “voice message to text” and you’re done.

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Install on Android

3. Transcriber for WhatsApp

Transcriber for WhatsApp

Just like the developer said, “Transcriber for WhatsApp does exactly what it says it would do.” Transcriber for WhatsApp converts your voice message to text. Imagine a scenario where you’re in a meeting and an important voice message comes in, you can’t possibly play the voice message till you’re done with the meeting, how “awkward” but with an app like transcriber for WhatsApp all you just do is convert the voice message into text and read them as simple as that.

How to use

Long press on the voice message you wish to use, tap on the share button on the WhatsApp top bar and then click on transcribe and that’s it.

Install on Android

4. WhatsVoice: Voice To Text

WhatsVoice_Voice To Text

This app works on speech to text principle. The most interest feature of this app is that you do the speaking and it does the converting automatically. That is, speak the text, and it converts it into notes. These notes can be copied and used for voice typing chats and more. It supports English, Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, and Arabic languages.

How to use

Just press the mic button on your messenger and speak the text, whatsvoice automatically types the text for you. Unlike the above mentioned, it does not require manual conversion, its conversion is automatic.

Install on Android

5. Voice Typing- Talk to text

Voice Typing - Talk to Text

Voice typing is a user-friendly and straightforward application; it uses Google recognition voice service. With voice typing, you can save your text and continue later. It does not need manual conversion, just talk and watch it turn to text automatically. It supports more than 70 languages, and to use this app you need android version 4.4 and above. Write your articles faster and with quality speech recognition.

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How to use

Accept permission to record audio, then press mic and start speaking. Voice typing will convert it into the text after your done talking.

Install on Android

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6. Audio to text converter for WhatsApp

Audio to Text Converter for Whats Chat

This app also converts speech to text. With this app, whatever you speak is transcribed into text for you to read. It is supported in different languages so that you can select the language of your choice. It is easy to use.

How to use

To use this app, first, you have to download and install the transcriber app. On completion of installation, you can now choose and long press the voice note you wish to use, click on the share button and select audio converter app; your text will show up, copy the text received from the speech to text converter app and then close.

Install on Android

7. Transcriber for wazap

Transcriber For Wazap

Just like those above, this app also transcribes and converts voice notes to text messages while receiving and sending. It has a nice user interface and supports multiple languages.

How to use

Select the voice note you wish to use, tap on the share button and share through audio transcriber app for text conversion. You can also send your replies through the audio transcriber app.

Install on Android

8. Voice to text (for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Gmail)

Voice to text

This app also converts voice messages to text messages. It supports multiple languages and transcribing is automatic. The unique feature about this app is that you can use it on WhatsApp messenger, facebook messenger, and Gmail.

How to use

Just click on the mic and start speaking and let voice to text do the conversion into text for you

Install on Android

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9. Voice to text  for WhatsApp

This app automatically converts whatever you speak into text for you to read. It is easy to use, and it supports multiple languages. Voice to text messenger for WhatsApp can also be used to send SMS in your device.

How to use

Click on the mic and speak, your voice note will turn to texts automatically.

Install on Android

10. Speech to Text: Speak notes & Voice typing app

Speech to text converter

This app converts audio to text with voice recognition typing. It also converts text into audio; this app is unique and supports many languages. It features an intuitive interface which all Android device users can comprehend. Interestingly, this app works for various purposes and its conversion ability is efficient.

Install on Android

What more?

Conclusively, life is easier and better with applications like the best Audio to Text Apps for WhatsApp. This is just but few, there is much more audios to text apps out there feel free to check on them and get your feedback to us. If you know any better audio to text apps for WhatsApp not listed in this article, please do well and drop it in the comment section below for further review. Also, you may want to check out our review of the best utility apps for Android users.

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