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Top (5) best online jobs for college students with no experience

Literally, you need to acquire some level of experience before getting employed for a job, irrespective of whether it is a remote job or such that needs your physical presence in the office. But, for most students, they do not have any level of experience, yet they really need a side gig to earn money and support their education. Well, there are online jobs that pay hourly, and this may seem a nice option for a student. Also, you need to know about online jobs for students to earn money. This article is going to details these jobs that are available for students, and you need no experience to grab available slots.

How can college students make money online?

As a student, you obviously got some spare time after school hours. This spare time can be invested into a profitable side gig that would fetch you quite a lot of money. Interestingly, most side gigs for college students are online-based; hence, you only need a good laptop and steady internet connectivity.

Top best online jobs for students

1. Solve assignments and past questions online

freelance online jobs for students

You may need to be an intelligent and smart lad to pick up this online job. It’s pretty simple, you’re presented with questions, and then you solve them to get the right answers.

Not all students are bright, and many more can get worked up; hence, they are willing to someone else to help them with answers to their assignments, projects, homework, etc. You can pick up these tasks if you’ve got spare time, and you’ll earn some bucks for each you complete.

Some bright students are already doing this job offline (inside the school premises), helping other students with their stuff, and getting paid for doing that. You could take yours online to gain more exposure and more cash.

Sites to apply for this job:


2. Transcription

online part-time jobs for students

This is part of the online part-time jobs for students – you either get paid hourly or per track when you get approved for transcription jobs. You may need to be a movie addict to strive in this side gig. If you could clearly hear and understand the actors’ words in movies, then you should apply for this job. Nevertheless, some online tools can help you with this task. An excellent tool for this job is available on

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All that is required in a transcription job is for you to listen and write down what the actors’ are saying, as well as add punctuation where necessary.

Websites for this job:


3. Online surveys and questionnaires

chart close up data desk

This, as part of online jobs for students to earn money, is quite simple to do. It would fetch you good earnings, and all you need to do is to provide answers to different surveys. Online survey falls among the best freelance jobs for college students. Some companies and organizations publish timely surveys for various reasons. You can take advantage of that and make some extra cash as a college student.

Where to find online survey jobs as a college student:

  • Swagbucks
  • Toluna
  • OnePoll

4. Freelance web designing

pexels photo 160107 Dopi Techologies

I actually did this one while in school, and I can assure you that it is one of the best online jobs for college students. Everyone is taking their businesses online, and they need a website for that. If you’re good with programming languages or CMSes such as WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, etc. you can go for freelance web designing jobs.

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Nevertheless, if you do not know about programming but wish to learn, you can start by understanding the first programming language you should learn. Also, you can learn how to be a freelance web designer by looking up tutorials on YouTube or courses on Udemy and W3 Schools.

If you already got the skills, here are platforms to register as start earning as a freelance web designer.

5. Freelance writing

women typing on the notebook

Writers are among the most sort-after professionals. This is because a lot of companies, businesses, and individuals need creative writers to put up copies for their various needs. If you can write website content, articles, ad copies, etc. then you can make serious money from freelance writing. I also did this, and I’m still doing it! Freelancing, in general, is among the top best easy online jobs for college students.

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Nevertheless, freelance writing is not as easy as it may sound; thus, you may need to enroll and learn Pro Tips on how to be a sort-after freelancer. This is an ideal online job for students in high-school, universities, and higher-learning institutions.

Where to find freelance writing jobs?

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  • Fiverr

What More?

These are the best freelance online jobs for students. They are flexible and won’t possibly take up more time than you assign to them. You can pick up more than one when you’re certain that you can handle two or more. More so, these jobs can define your career after graduating school and they’ll expose you to many experiences, as well as opportunities.

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