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If you are looking out for a simple, fast and easy Android Assistant, Coolmuster has just got it here for you. This software is reliable to manage all your files, documents, and also keep them safe for you in a backup copy

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Android assistants help one to create local offline backups of the files, documents, and apps on one’s Android smartphone. There are some utility software apps that gives one extra access to his/her Android device. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Coolmuster Android Assistant

About Coolmuster Android Assistant v4.2.80

Coolmuster Android Assistant is a comprehensive software app that helps you manage and back up all the files, data, and documents on your Android device. It lets you export the media files (Videos, music, pictures), logs, messages, files, and documents on your Android phone to a computer in order to free up some space on your device for new files.

The software allows you to create a local backup file for all the stuff saved on your Android smartphone and also previews your files on PC. Coolmuster Android Assistant comes with useful functions and features that will you to manage your files effectively and without stress.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
  • At least 2GB of RAM
  • Up to 250MB free space on your hard disk drive or SSD.


  • An intuitive user interface, calm and friendly.
  • Seamlessly creates a full backup file/folder for all your files and documents.
  • One click backup/restore
  • Full device management access.

How to use Coolmuster Android Assistant to backup or restore files on your Android smartphone.

  1. First, you have to download the .exe file from the company’s official page or copy and paste this link into your browser address bar.
  2. Run the .exe after the download to install this app on your PC.
  3. Launch the software and connect your Android smartphone.
  4. Now go to your mobile device settings and activate USB Debuggingalso set your USB configurations to PTP or MTP. (NOTE: you must enable the developer mode on your Android device before you can have access to activate the USB debugging feature. Steps on how to get this done are shared below)
  5. Coolmuster Android Assistant will automatically install the mobile version of this software on your device.
  6. Allow the permissions requested by CoolMuster and start creating your backup, manage your files, or restore a previous backup.

How to enable developer mode and activate USB Debugging on Android Devices

Coolmuster Android Assistant

  • Go to your phone settings menu, scroll till you get to the bottom where you’ll see the option “About Phone”.
  • Click on it and scroll again to bottom where you’ll see the option “Base Number“. Click on this Base Number option consistently until you start seeing a countdown timer on your screen. Don’t stop when you see the timer, continue clicking on this option till it counts down to zero.
  • You have now activated the developer mode feature on your smartphone. Head back to the settings main menu and click on the Developer Options, then scroll down and locate the USB Debugging row.
  • Click on it to activate. – The screenshot showed above.
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Backing up files, Managing your files, and restoring a previous backup using Coolmuster Android Assistant.

These activities mentioned in the sub-heading can be done with this app in just a few clicks and it happens really fast.


  1. Launch the software on your PC and connect your Android device via USB or WiFi. The mobile version installed on your smartphone will automatically launch by itself.
  2. Click on the super toolkit tab and select backup.
    Coolmuster review
  3. Tick the directories you wish to back up its contents/files. You can select all if you want to run a total backup of your data.
    Coolmuster 4
  4. Select the folder you want the backup file to be saved into. By default, this software saves your backups in this directory – C:\Users\PC\Documents\Coolmuster Android Assistant\Backups.
  5. Click on Backup, and that’s all! The back up will be saved to the selected folder.


Did your phone crash or you mistakenly deleted all your files? don’t worry, you can get back everything provided you created a backup file with Coolmuster Assistant. Here are the steps to restore your backups.

  1. Launch the software and connect your Android smartphone using USB cables or a wireless connection.
  2. Switch to the “Super Toolkit” panel and click on Restore
  3. A list of your backups will appear, select the actual one you wish to get back its contents and then click on restore.
Using Coolmuster Android Assistant as an all-around file management app

Coolmuster 6

Coolmuster Android Assistant is an all-around file manager. It lets you access and manage every directory on your Android smartphone (SMS, Media, Books, Apps, Logs, Contacts, etc). To manage your device files, simply click on any of the displayed directories.

Things you can do with the Coolmuster Android Assistant

  1. Install/Uninstall apps on your Android smartphone.
  2. Add or delete some contacts on your device.
  3. Access your SMS messages, send new messages, delete old/unuseful messages, and also export/import your messages.
  4. Seamless manage your media files. You can also preview images directly from this app.
  5. Access to the books/other documents saved on your device.
  6. Export/import files to a specific dir. or folder on your Android smartphone.
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My review and verdict on Coolmuster Android Assistant Software v4.2.80

I have used and explored quite a lot of Android Assistants, this particular one is great i must say. It has a welcoming, intuitive interface which makes it easier for even a novice PC operator to use without deformities.

All functions of this Android assistant works perfectly. However, you may have to purchase the pro version in order to access every single function/feature of this awesome app.

Coolmuster Android Assistant is a software i can joyfully recommend to our readers and my colleagues. It is capable of running two or more Android mobile devices simultaneously and compatible with all Android OS version (starting from Android 2.3).

Availability and pricing

This is a freemium Windows software; it has free and paid versions. The free version only allows you to manage your files but does not give you access to create backups.

Coolmuster Android Assitant Pro version retails at $25.95 for a single year license and $35.95 for a Lifetime license.

What more?

Coolmuster Android Assistant is that software/mobile app you should have on your devices (PC and Mobile) to effectively manage your files and make them flexible.

The mobile app is also available on the Google Play Store, or you can download it from Here.  Feel free to let us know if you’re not fully clear about this software.

coolmuster mobile coolmuster android app Coolmuster android assistant

Coolmuster mobile app lets you clear junks, cache files, and free up your mobile device. It also gives you access to manage all the directories on your Android smartphone just like the PC version.

If you’ve ever used an Android Assitant other than this one, we would love to hear your comparison, opinions, and views. kindly drop your comments below.

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