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7 Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses in 2022?

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In the past two years, 2020, reports show that cyberattacks skyrocketed, which raises concerns regarding small businesses ability to survive fraudulent attacks on their databases. Well, no business is too small to face attacks from cybercriminals; you just have to be proactive and set up strong firewalls to protect your organization’s data from being accessed by phishers.

Cybercriminals target small businesses because they do not tend to have solid security infrastructures as big businesses that operate at the “enterprise level.” Below are the best professional cybersecurity tips for small businesses to stay on the safe side this year, and in other years to come.

2022 Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Cybersecurity Tips For businesses

Some international IT Support Companies have reliable solutions that help to protect businesses’ databases and systems from cyberattacks. Implementing such solutions can go a long way to protect your startup or small business from possible data breach scenarios.

1. Practice Regular Backup

There are affordable cloud storage solutions for small businesses that can be utilized to save your business data records. The commonest type of cyberattack that affects small businesses badly, is Ransomeware attacks. Ransomware is a type of malware used to encrypt business data files and then oblige the company to pay a huge amount to regain access to the file. If you’d love to learn Cloud IT security courses or computer security courses, the CCSP Training Course is the right choice for you.

A report from IBM showed that ransomware attacks have increased up to 6,000 percent since 2016, and it’s still rising – the more reasons why you should routinely backup your business data (real-time or daily) to the cloud. That way, it would be easy to recover the file(s) if peradventure your business systems get hit by ransomware.

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2. Regular Update/Upgrades Of Business Software System

Always ensure that your business software solutions are up to date and running the latest versions. This is because every new version of a software app or package comes with bug fixes and additional security firewalls. Hence, it is important to always update your business tools to fortify them against recent attacks.

Well, if you have hardware security infrastructures, ensure that they are working fine, and always pay attention to little glitches.

3. You Must Understand That No Business Is Too Small For Cyberattacks

Some small business owners think that their business is “too small” to be targeted by cybercriminals; that’s simply a fallacy and you shouldn’t buy that idea. Every business is a target – for the fact that you serve a reasonable number of clients or customers, cybercriminals may try to attack your systems and access your clienteles’ data.

Furthermore, cybercriminals now use sophisticated techs to get into businesses’ databases. More so, they can hack into a company’s system, get their business details and attempt to use it to gain access to another company. No business seems to be left out when we talk of cyberattacks. So, on this notice, you must take steps to fortify your business security firewalls and/or software to checkmate attacks from hackers and phishers.

4. Train Your Employees

This is one of the best cybersecurity tips for small businesses. Your employees need to be properly trained through various business security principles. Asides from setting up policies and protocols to checkmate cybercrime activities, your employees should be trained to handle your business security needs.

However, you can choose to outsource security experts to handle your business security needs. But training your in-house team can be safer and more reliable. Regardless, the goal is to ensure that some persons among your staff are knowledgeable to implement and deploy policies that would help to block unauthorized persons (prying eyes) from accessing your business/consumer data.

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5. Use Strong Passwords

Yes, it is important to mention this as a cybersecurity tip for small businesses. Virtually all systems, software solutions, and devices used in running a business are protected with a password. The password must not be known to everybody in the organization and it has to be a strong password that cannot be easily guessed or generated.

Also, your bespoke business data management solutions should have a strong password policy that can easily detect when someone is trying to gain access by guessing different possible passwords. The employees in charge of password management must be trusted persons who also know the implementations of letting out the passwords to any other person.

6. Not All Email and Links are Safe To Click

One of the easiest ways hackers gain access to business computers is by sending emails with malicious links. Your employees must be meant to understand that they should not click on every link they find in an email. In fact, they shouldn’t follow the instructions or click the links, in an email message from an unverified sender.

Interestingly, some email clients have strong filters that can detect spammy emails and push them to the “Spam” folder. Suspicious emails must be checked properly before being opened. Most ransomware attacks on business files are a result of clicking malicious links or visiting malicious sites on the internet.

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7. Use VPNs

It may sound weird, but VPNs can help small businesses checkmate cybercrimes. Apparently, VPNs help to reassure one’s security when surfing the internet, integrating it into your business solutions helps to prevent phishers and hackers from decrypting the data you share over the internet.

Interestingly, VPN service providers do offer free and paid versions. While the free versions are meant for personal users, the paid versions are typically meant for businesses. That said, you need to find a VPN service that provides the features you need to thrive your business and improve security.

What More?

These cybersecurity tips for small businesses also apply to enterprise businesses, and they are yet valid even after 2022. It is important that you adhere to these tips and perform the necessary actions to fortify your business firewalls.

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