“Delete for Everyone” WhatsApp feature gets more up time – 1 Hour validity

WhatsApp Feature Updates

WhatsApp Inc. has increased the validity time for its ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature to 1 hour on Android Beta version 2.18.69. This feature was first introduced in October 2017 and it was meant to be valid over 420 seconds or 7 minutes but now, even after several minutes of sending a wrong message, you can still delete it. Nice improvement i guess.

The feature is currently live for WhatsApp Android beta version 2.18.69, with a stable release for Android and iOS to follow soon. – WABetaInfo

This press release implies that the only beneficiaries of this feature update are the Android beta users. Other OS users would have to wait for this update, we hope it rolls out soon.

Many WhatsApp users have proved this feature “Delete for Everyone” to be useful but always complained about the time frame. Now, with this upcoming update; you can delete messages sent mistakenly or out of anger even after 1hour.

More Whatsapp Feature s

WhatsApp seems to be working on some other new features that will enable users to mark forwarded messages from same chat or another chat. This feature is reportedly also available for Android beta version 2.18.67.

New sticker features are also under consideration and will be rolled out soon as stated on WhatsApp official website. WhatsApp might likely be forwarding its stickers to other chats after these feature updates.

Furthermore, WhatsApp says it is testing a new feature for it’s Android beta and windows version, the feature is called ‘Group Description’. It will allows group members to add description to a group chat by simply tapping on the Group name. This description will appear below the group’s icon.

We’ll keep updating this article anytime there’s an update from the company.

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Originally posted on March 7, 2018 @ 2:29 am

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