DesignEvo Review; the simplest online logo creator for Mac and Windows PC users

Looking forward to starting up a business or establishing a brand/company and you do not know how to go about a decent logo? Maybe you’ve found a solution to your logo worries. DesignEvo is a free online logo maker that gives you unlimited access to create and design stunning logo’s that would cause your opponents, clients, page or website visitors to marvel. In this DesignEvo review article; we’ll be sharing every information we think you would find useful while using the tool.

How to create a professional logo using DesignEvo?

creating a professional logo is not a big deal when you’re using this awesome online tool. It comes with a wide-range of great predesigned templates which you can use to recreate your logo; just select a template and edit the components/contents. You can as well start from scratch if you wish.

Getting started with DesignEvo Online Logo Maker

Simply launch your web browser and visit this link –, right after that, your brand/company logo is a few minutes away from going live.

There are a lot of templates available on this tool and they are well arranged into categories. Scan through the category list and locate where your brand/company/page/etc falls in, then choose any of the default templates you find interesting to get going.

Making your first Logo design


Now lets see how to practically create and design professional Logo’s using DesignEvo.

#1. First Step

Visit the website and click on “Create Logo”. You’ll be taken to a new window where you’ll see the most popular templates of the moment. You can pick up any template of your choice from here or refer to the category sidebar (left) for more template options.

#2. Type in your company/brand name or title and also add your slogan (optional)

DesignEvo 2

When you finally click on a template that you find interesting, a dialogue box pop’s-up urging you to add your company name and slogan (refer to the screenshot below). These options are optional, you may choose to ignore them by clicking on the “skip” option below.

#3. Start Designing/Customizing

DesignEvo Logo maker

Now, you’ll be taken to the work area where you are to design and customize your logo just the way you want it to be. There are a lot of useful logo editing tools packed by this tool and they are very simple to explore.

#4. Download your design

When you are done designing your logo or project, click on the preview option to see how your design will appear on the “front-end”. If you are satisfied with what you saw in the preview, then, you can go ahead and download your logo/project.

Before you can actually download your project/logo, you will have to select a pricing package. You can stick to the free package if you are comfortable with the limitations. After you must have selected your package, then, you’ll be prompted to download your logo(s).

DesignEvo Download

Note: The logo downloads in zip format. So, you may be needing an archive extractor on your PC to be able to get the main files.

Features of DesignEvo

  • It gives you acess to the internet to search out icons you wish to add to your design(s). To achieve this – click on the “Icon” option at the left toolbar
  • This online tool includes various types of shape, decorations, banner, symbol, etc that might be useful while designing complex logos
  • Choose between a colored or transparent background for your design
  • Comes with a wide variety of supported fonts and WordArt’s
  • Undo and Redo function
  • Let’s you save directly to supported cloud storage platforms
  • An option to preview your design(s) before downloading is available

System Requirements?

Unlike some other apps and softwares we have reviewed recently, this tool does not require any system specifications before you can access and use it. You can even explore the tool right from a tablet device, all you need is an active internet service connection.

DesignEvo Review

Creating stunning logo’s with this tool is very easy, thanks to the profuse templates packed into it. I love the fact that it does not require a physical downloaded software to operate;’ at least I’m not going to have another software occupy some space on my hard disk 8-). DesignEvo is such a useful online logo designer with a very warm, nice, and friendly user interface.

DesignEvo is very intuitive; you do not actually need a tutorial or coaching of any type before you can make use of this app. This is an online tool i found interesting and would freely recommend it to anyone looking out for a professional logo maker.


The good things of life are not actually free. While you can create any type of logo design without paying a dime, there are limitations to what you can actually achieve with the free package. See the image below for the pricing rates of DesignEvo.

DesignEvo Review


  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to use
  • Accessible from all platform and OS
  • Wide-Range of useful templates


  • Lacks some basic editing functions
  • No dedicated width and height adjustment node

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

DesignEvo has a friendly and intuitive interface, even a novice can even get the most out of it. The pricing packages are quite considerable looking at what you stand to gain. There are a lot of useful logo designing options to make your design unique and outstanding.

Your Turn:

You have read this DesignEvo Review article, kindly share with us your thoughts and opinions about the tool. Also, feel free to let us know if you need more details about this online logo maker.

Originally posted on November 25, 2018 @ 5:14 am

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