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6 unreal tips for logo designers to step-up their work (best ideas)

It is not actually easy to design a professional logo or is it? You may be thinking it’s simply combining beautiful colors will make your logo appear unique, amazing, and compelling. Or, maybe you’re among those who believe that a good icon selection will make their logo design complete. Well, this is possibly not the case and logo designers know that designing a logo is not an easy job, at least not as easy as other people think of it. Nevertheless, there are profuse number of people already in the industry of logo designing which make everything tougher for a newbie.  Some logo designers are called as professionals/experts in the field because of their expertise/ability to create compelling designs. Hence, I’m sharing some unreal tips for logo designers to step-up their work.

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Expert Logo Designing Tips for Beginners and Professionals

unreal tips for logo designers to step-up their work

1. Visual double entendre

Well, this is a flagship technique for designing a unique logo; It allows a logo designer to make two pictures wrap in a single logo. This is a fancy way to insert symbol/icons, as well as text to be incorporated into a logo. As a designer, to bring value to the logo you make, you may have to apply this technique so as to end up making an interesting and amazing logo.

2. Color is important

Logos are the first impression for any brand or business; a beautifully designed logo is likely to generate more impression and attract more people. But. how impressive a logo will be relies on the colors. Some people get attracted to a logo or might ignore it due to the colors it feature. Thus, excellent color choice and combination is one of the gateways to creating a professional logo.

In choosing the colors for your new logo design, you should have these facts in mind;

  1. The first is that the colors must reflect the brand or business: This is because colors have an ideology behind them which paints an image for each type of business, brand or services.
  2. Don’t be too funky, it repels most potential clients or visitors. Too much of fancy add-ons make a logo look childish and some people are no fan of “too fancy” logos.

3. Try to be innovative and unique

Being cliché is one of the mistakes that most designers make which makes them plus their logos to be unidentified. In order to show your identity in the field of logo designing, you must have something unique to offer. Always try to come with a unique template, style, and pattern. Innovation is an important thing in designing the logo; the more innovative/creative a designer is, the more value he gains in the field.

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4. Initiate conceptualization

Logos are symbols that pass messages and ideas to customers or target audience. Therefore, only icons and texts are not what logo designers must contemplate on, instead, they should aim towards bringing the depth concepts to it. Logos depicting concepts are able to make the best impression on the target audience, this one of the ways to make the logos become able to achieve marketing targets.

5. Simplicity is all your logo needs

In logo design, being funky or fancy can be beneficial at times while complex designs can be disastrous. Simplicity is a core basis in this field, designers who make the best logos have this in mind as the first element before initiating a logo design concept. Think of the Apple Inc. logo or maybe the logo of Nike? Those are perfect examples of simple yet professional logos. Simple logos are easily recognized at anywhere which leads to more popularity of a brand or business.

6. Be timeless

Trends are good anyway but, for long-term goals, it could backfire; once the trend is over, your logo concept dies off. When you plan to make a logo that needs to be put in the market for a long time then, you must take on making it timeless. A timeless logo would not be out of the market until you want it to be. It will be relatable at each point in time while a logo that is being made according to a specific trend will be out of the market as soon as that trend or fashion ends.

Wrap Up:

Logo designers must contemplate on their skills and qualities to make themselves stay by using relevant tools like this logo creator free which is quite a good tool to create logos at no costs. There are other great logo designing tools like the DesignEvo Online Logo Creator which is completely compatible with all PC OS.


Author Bio:

Jessica Ervin is a professional graphic designer who works with Design Iconic. She has been in the graphic designing industry for a long time and has vast experience in the field. Her experience has given her an insight of designing along with a diligent technical skill. She has a degree in Arts from a renowned University of England along with a certification in graphic designing. What makes Jessica stand out among many designers is her exposure in different industries that have given her an understanding of what design is effective in a particular market for a certain business.

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