{Fixed} Network Admin not Showing on WordPress MultiSite

A few days ago, a friend of mine contacted me complaining he could no longer access the Network Admin panel on his WP dashboard. As a result of this, he could not add new plugins, upload themes, and perform other admin activities on his WP website. I have not experienced this situation prior to his complaint, so I decided to search on Google using this keyword “network admin not showing on WordPress“. Fortunately, I saw a lot of search results but disappointedly none of the articles on the 1st and 2nd page helped in any way.

At this moment I became more desperate to fix the issue. Just then, I thought of this method I’m about sharing and it worked perfectly. Now, whenever you encounter this issue kindly apply this method fix it immediately.

{Fixed} Network Admin not Showing on WordPress MultiSite


Network Admin panel is only available on WordPress MultiSite. So, if you’re not running a WP MultiSite you will not be seeing the Network Admin option on your WP dashboard.

Steps to fix Network Admin not showing on WordPress website

1. The first thing you should do is to log in to your WordPress account via www.wordpress.com

2. Click on the “Sites” tab – Screenshot below

network admin not showing in wordpress

3. Scroll down and locate the “settings” option

Network Admin bar on wordpress

4. Now deactivate this option – “Enable WordPress.com Toolbar”. If this option is active, your normal WP admin bar will not appear instead, you’ll see the WordPress toolbar and as such, you cannot access the “Network Admin Panel” on your WP sites.


Once you have done this, log back into your WP dashboard, you’ll notice that the top bar has returned to the normal one you often see. Hover your mouse on the “My Sites” option and there you’ll see the network admin option.

What More?

Without you having access to the Network Admin panel, you cannot upload, deactivate, or activate themes and plugins on a WordPress multisite blog. In other words, the Network Admin Panel is the main dashboard for WP websites installed as MultiSites.

I’m available to help you if what I discussed here is not clear for your understanding. Simply drop a comment and I’ll get to you in a jiffy. Also, ensure your WP blog/website is connected to your WordPress account via JetPack.

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