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FlexClip Online Video Maker Review; create videos for free

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FlexClip Online Video Maker

FlexClip Video maker is an ideal solution for almost everyone who utilizes the internet to generate income. It is a great tool for Vloggers, and blog writers who often create tutorial videos. Once you have a reliably fast-speed internet connection, FlexClip works seamlessly and you’ll complete creating your professional video in a matter of some minutes

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Currently, a lot of people prefer video tutorials to local blog posts. Also, one of the most lucrative ways digital marketers convey their message and gain good ROI is via video clips. All inclusive, video clips are becoming so popular insomuch that video creators earn pretty big coins almost daily. But, maybe it’s time to stop paying other people to create videos for your marketing needs, tutorials, wedding, birthday, and so on. Yeah, it’s time to start making those yourself following the various free professional templates offered by FlexClip Online Video Maker.

Many people spend quite a lot of money trying to create impressive video clips for their various needs. However, with FlexClip Online Video Maker, everyone can now make their videos by themselves. This web application is specially designed for almost everyone because it features professional templates for various categories.

FlexClip Online Video Maker

FlexClip Video Maker

As an online (web) application just like Fotor Photo Editor, there is no system requirement or technical specs that may prevent this app from running successfully on a computer (Windows/Linux/MacOS). The online requirement to start using this app is an active internet connection. It is equally a free app, and as such, you’re not going to pay for making any sort of video to solve a particular need. FlexClip Online Video Maker also provides you with extensive tutorial resources to learn more on how to create impressive video clips.

This application is developed by PearlMountain, a popular media software developer. FlexClip comes with an impressive interface compared to other online creator apps.

Features of FlexClip Online Video Maker

There are quite a lot of interesting video edit features supported on this app.

  • Allow you record and add voiceovers to your video file
  • Add music, customizable texts, and watermarks to your videos
  • Cutting/trimming of videos is fully supported on this app
  • A video merger feature allows one to combine multiple video clips and/or photos to become a single footage
  • Allows you to choose custom aspect ratio, as well as the most suitable video resolution of your choice
  • Split your video into segments
  • This app allows you to rotate videos 360o
  • Zoom video for a clearer view
  • Features a vast media library stocked with lots of video footages, premium photos, and cool music for creating custom videos for various needs.

Supported formats

Unfortunately, FlexClip Online Video Maker does not accept all video or audio formats. Here are the media file formats supported by this too;

AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, and WAV format (For audio)

MOV, WEBM, M4V, and MP4 (video formats)

FlexClip Online Video Maker Review

Using this app to create videos for various need does not require you must know about video creation. Already, there are tons of templates available; so you pick a template, edit the contents, and that’s your video. I found this app to be very interesting, intuitive, and easy to understand. The workspace interface where you have to edit a defined template or start creating a unique video from scratch is quite straightforward.

FlexClip Online Video Maker is an ideal solution for almost everyone who utilizes the internet to generate income. It is a great tool for Vloggers, and blog writers who often create tutorial videos. Once you have a reliably fast-speed internet connection, FlexClip works seamlessly, and you’ll complete creating your professional video in a matter of some minutes; however, if you’re making a comprehensive or business video, you should know that it would take more time than typical video clips for birthday or wedding celebration.

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The big flop of FlexClip Video Maker

The app does not have options to undo your actions; thus, if you make a mistake, you may likely start afresh to redesign the scene. Also, there is no option to add additional texts to the ones available on templates.

How to use FlexClip Video Maker to Create Professional/Business Videos

To use this application, you do not need to download any file from a host server. All you need is an active internet and a web browser. Open a web browser and visit, then sign up with a valid e-mail address, and create a unique password for accessing your account.

Choose a template or start from scratch

FlexClip Templates

There are lots of video templates available on this app, and they are arranged in categories for quick access. However, you can choose to start your video scratch and customize it as you wish. The great thing is that all tools available on FlexClip video maker are fully customizable/flexible.

Customize your video

There are many tools to use and customize your video, let’s discuss them one after another;

Add a video, voice note or picture

FlexClip Online Video Maker

You can add your own pictures, videos, or even voice notes to your video presentation using this app. Simply click on the respective icon (shown in image) to add your file.

Also, you can customize each element by double-clicking on it, and you can change the font color, text size, font style, etc. of any text included in your video.

Creating scenes

If you’re starting your video from scratch, then you have to click on the “storyboard” box to add another scene for your video. You can add as many scenes as possible. Plus, you can customize the background of each scene, as well as its duration. However, if you’re following a template, simply click on each of the already defined storyboards/scenes and customize the contents.

Add watermark

add watermark

FlexClip Online Video Maker allows you to add watermark and personalize your videos. This will make your introduction video more unique and professional.

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Finishing touches

Depending on the need, there are other elements you can add to your video using FlexClip video maker, such as music, logo, etc.

Preview and export the video

After you’re done creating and editing your video, click on the “Preview” button at the top of the window to review your work. If it appears perfect and ready to use, then, go ahead and export the video to any storage drive/location. Also, this app presents you with up to three resolution quality for your video; you’ll have to choose between 480p, 720p, and 1080p for your video.

Final words:

FlexClip Online Video Maker is self-intuitive and stocked with a lot of handy templates, elements, and tools for creating any video for any need. It is wholly flexible and available for free. I’m not a video edit pro, but i could make up a short clip using this app; watch the clip below.

Your turn

Tell us your opinion about this application. Did it actually work perfectly for you? We’d love to love to know your feedback, as well as we appreciate if you rate this app above.

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