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Fotojet Collage Maker Review: 2-in-1 Photo ToolKit

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  • Responsiveness
  • Collage Maker
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Fotojet Collage Maker is a freemium, professional tool to make awesome colleges and also design other stuffs too! It is upper intuitive and responds very fast to your commands.

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I’m kind of a photo freak and I know there are many others like me who deal with photos every day. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and SnapChat has made a lot of teenagers and even adults seek for photo editors or a picture collage designer. There are many free ways to edit photos like a pro, and making a photo collage is the best way to combine different photos in a single background. This Fotojet Collage Maker Review is going to be straight and informative.

FotoJet Collage Maker


The FotoJet Collage Maker is a product of PearlMountain Ltd. a software development company with its headquarters at Wan Chai, Hong Kong. PearlMountain is a dedicated media software developer with up to 3 media softwares to show for it. This photo collage maker is quite advanced and includes useful features that would help anyone create stunning photo collages. It is easy/simple to use, thanks to the super intuitive and lightweight interface.

There are more than 800 preset templates to choose from and create cute photo grids or interesting photo collage. Also, there are lots of resources (or tools as you may refer to them) you’d gain access to in order to make your design unique and standout.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7 (32/64 bits)

Ram Requirement: 2GB Ram and above

Hard Disk Space: At least 500MB free space


  • Lots of preset photo collage templates
  • Inbuilt foto editor
  • Insert clipart
  • Super intuitive interface

FotoJet Collage Maker Review

The software interface is light and simple, easy to navigate the preset templates are pretty much; one must surely find a good one for his/her design. Also, the responsiveness of this software is applaudable. But, there are certain flaws I noticed and they are kind of obvious; when i added an image to the collage, it was so wide and couldn’t be contained inside the partition I placed it. When i tries to zoom out the image, I notice the zoom was already at the extreme yet my image doesn’t fit well into the collage. I was expecting I would be able to zoom out an image until it becomes very tiny to fit into any collage size. However, the developer might work on this on the next version which I’d be glad to grab once released and update this review if there be changes.

Instant social media sharing option is great and the photo library which stores all the photos/images you have uploaded to a design is another sweet feature I loved. In all, this serves perfect for making stunning photo collages but the extended features (especially the photo editing toolbox) needs to be re-visited.

Availability and pricing

While there is a free version of this software, I would not recommend it because of several limitations. However, the pro versions which gives you unlimited access to use the software retails at $29.90 (1 PC) and $49 (up to 5 computers) respectively and comes with free lifetime updates. FotoJet Collage Maker is available for Windows and Macintosh OS users.

[tab title=”Pros:”]

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Tons of preset templates
  • Clipart, WordArt, and various icon support
  • Fast and responsive

[tab title=”Cons:”]

  • The toolkit box needs more option


How to use the software to create awesome colleges

The foremost step to using this software is by downloading the Fotojet Collage Maker for Windows and install on your PC or desktop. After a successful installation, you can start creating photo collages.

#1. Launch the software

Locate the Fotojet collage maker icon on your desktop and launch the software to start creating collages. As I said earlier; “there are tons of preset templates to choose from”. However, if you wish to start from scratch, use the photo grid option.

#2. Choose a collage style

Fotojet collage maker

Now, depending on the number of images/photos that will be included in the photo collage, you’ll have to choose a convenient style you prefer. Click on the drop down and specify the type of picture collage you wish to design; you could choose L-Shape collages, Grid, Big Shape Wrap, etc.

#3. Set the container style

collage settings

There are two options you’d find at the bottom left area where you can set the roundness and spacing of the collage containers. Drag the nodes up or down to get a perfect percentage for your collage containers.

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4. Add your photos and edit individually

fotojet review

After you have picked a collage template, go on to add your photos. Also, you can fill up a collage container with a solid color instead of adding a picture. There is an option to add texts, clipart, and custom background design to your collages to make them different from the usual.

Once you add an image or text, click on it to access its unique toolbox so you can customize either the image or text. So many preset headings are readily available for your use to create amazing WordArts.

The cliparts are arranged in sections for easy access to the exact one you want. E.g. Shapes, icons, funny emojis, love arts, nature, etc. Also, the background option features quite some beautiful textile templates and gradient color design.

review fotojet 01

You can easily UNDO recent actions by pressing the CTRL+Z  button or using the curved backward arrow at the bottom of the active window/interface. With the help of a floating toolbox that erupts once you click on any object, you can perform some certain picture edits that will enhance your collage.

#5. Save your design


When you are done editing and setting up your photo collage with the Fotojet Collage Maker, click on the “Save” icon above and save the collage to your local drive. Interestingly, you can share the collage/design directly to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr.


What More?

You have just seen how to create an interesting college from scratch. Now, let’s see how to use any of the preset templates offered by Fotojet.

Collage Designer

This allows you to create postcards, invitations, magazine covers, 3D photo collage, amazing image arts, and lots more. FotoJet Designer is unique in its ways and super intuitive like the FotoJet Collage Maker.

Designing a photo using Fotojet Collage Maker templates

Collage designer

It is also very easy to use the FotoJet Designers as the interface is still the same as the former we just discussed. Here, you’ll be able to design cool magazine covers, 3D photo arts, etc. Simply click on the template of your choice; you’ll meet other tons of predefined designs to use and make great custom designs for professional uses.

Final Thoughts

The software is good, although with some lags. The FotoJet Designer includes thousands of preset templates which are good for professional designs but the image editing tools need some touches. I freely recommend the software to our readers or vloggers who seek to have a professional photo collage maker for different purposes.

Your Turn

You have read this review and how-to guide for the Fotojet Collage Maker. Share with us the previous photo collage makers you have come across and your experience using them. Also, do not forget to share this review with your followers on social media, winks 😉

Originally posted on November 17, 2018 @ 6:02 pm

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