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Fotor online photo editor review: features explained and how-to use

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The Fotor Online Editor/Designer is a freemium Internet-based software that allows everyone to edit professional photos, create stunning collages, and make nice designs or Logos. It is quite intuitive with a user-friendly interface, easy to navigate. There are tons of tools, templates, effects, etc. available on this tool and they all work perfectly.

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In my opinion, I somehow prefer web apps over downloadable software apps. This is because I can easily access the online tool across all my devices, irrespective of the OS, and at any time.  The Fotor online photo editor is a great and effective graphics designing tool for everyone to use. It is intuitive, plus, it does not require any system configuration to work. In this Fotor online photo editor review, I’d share my honest experience with the tool so far. However, here at Dopi Technologies, we have written reviews for some photo editing apps/tools, which you may want to also read about.

Fotor online photo editor

Fotor Online Designer

This is a photo toolkit accessible online. It is packed with insurmountable features that every editor would definitely love. The Fotor online photo editor is powered by HTML5 to provide a seamless and super-intuitive photo editing processes. Hopefully, all graphic designers, photo edit lovers, social media addicts, etc. would love to use this software. There are so many preset templates, icons, options, and lots more available on this online image editor.

It is a tool you can use on Macintosh PCs, Windows PC, Smartphones, or other Internet-enabled devices. One actually edit photos, create photo collages, or design photos with this tool in easy/intuitive steps. Fotor boasts of being used by apparently over 300M designers worldwide.

Features of the Fotor online editor

  • Picture/image editing functions
  • Image collage creator
  • Includes photo effects toolkit
  • Portrait Retouching
  • Multiple fonts support
  • Countless useful stickers
  • Tons of preset templates
  • Social media cover image creator
  • Youtube image designer
  • Lots more


There is no system requirement needed for this tool to function except for active internet service. Once you have a working internet service/connection, you can make use of this tool.

My Fotor online photo toolkit review

It appears flawless at the point of this review – an all-around picture tool which is well suitable for graphics designers. I found it to be interesting, and the numerous inbuild presets, stickers, fancies, etc. all add up to make this editor quite enticing. Not forgetting, I love the multiple upload options; you could directly add a photo from your Facebook profile and edit immediately. Alternatively, you could add from a dropbox cloud or from your local PC storage.

Generally, the Fotor online photo editor is almost perfect for everyone. However, one can only access the whole sweet features while on the PRO version. This tool is among the most intuitive online tools I have come across this year. Below is how you can perform many actions with the Fotor online photo editor, whether you’re going to edit an existing photo, create a photo collage or make stunning graphics customizations.

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  • Very intuitive
  • Tons of useful templates for various designs
  • Includes lots of important editing/designer tools
  • Excellent interface


  • Most of the options available on the PRO version should actually be free.
  • It kinda bugs when editing an image.

Availability and Pricing

This editor is virtually accessible on any platform/OS. It can be used free of charge, but in order to gain access to all its professional features, you need to upgrade to a plan. However, the premium plans are not really on the high side; you gain access to all the features for $33.99 billed annually.

How to use the Fotor online photo toolkit

Actually, there are many things you can do with this online tool; I’ll explain them one after the other. This is going to be a comprehensive How-To tutorial for the foto graphics designing tool. Before starting up any design or image edit, you will first have to visit the official website – Fotor Online Designer.

How to edit pictures with Fotor online editor

Upload the image

Yeah, you’ll have to add your image from a source, either from your local PC storage, Facebook, or DropBox cloud. Add your image(s) from any of this source and start editing them immediately.

Start Editing

Because there are tons of image editing tools available on this online tool, I’d only highlight on them; however, it’s going to be quite elaborative. The editing tools are available at the left pane, you’ll see;

  • Basic picture toolkit which is the first
  • Effects toolkit
  • Image enhancing/beautifying toolkit
  • Frames
  • Stickers
  • and Texts

The tools mentioned above are the several tools you can make use of to make your photo stunning. Each of them has lots of presets, sub-tools, and/or useful functions embedded inside of them. So, when you click on each, you get exposed to a wide variety of other enhancement tools that will enable you to edit your photos to your taste.

Basic picture tools

fotor 01

Here, you’ll find options to crop, rotate, tune, add color, adjust vignette, resize, HDR effects, and more. There is also a 1-Tap enhance tool that tunes your image to a system-considerable perfect enhancement.


This option allows you to add several effects to your image, like turning it to a B/W image, add festive filters, etc.

Beauty options

Just as the name already sounds, this is a place to find all the tools you need to improve the beauty of a photo/picture/image. If you’re quite advanced in photo editing, you could possibly maximize these tools here to make professionals photo edits.


Here, you are gain access to hundreds of cool photo frames arranged into various categories for swift access. The frames here are pretty good and adds more shade of beauty to an image.

Stickers & Texts

I tried to count, but I lost it, virtually, there are profuse stickers available on this tool that one cannot actually number. The text presets’ are also very good, just like WordArt in Microsoft Word.

Final editing touches with the Fotor online image editor

fotor save

Once you are done editing your image/photo with this tool, you can easily share it to different social media instantly. Also, alternatively, you can copy the image link to share it on other platforms.

There are options to “undo” or “redo” actions, and also an option to return an image/photo to its original state. By clicking the “snapshot” option above, you’ll save the current design to the Fotor cloud.

Finally, when you are actually done, click on the “save” button and choose between “jpg” or “png” image format, then click the “Download” button.

How to create picture collage with Fotor online collage maker

Simply visit the website and select “Collage” or toggle to the collage workspace by clicking on the “dropdown” menu on the top left corner from your “Edit” workspace.

fotor 03

Choose from the four available categories the type of image collage you wish to make. You’ll be taken to a new browser tab to continue with the collage making. On the “Collage” design workspace, it appears quite similar to that of the image “Editor” but with some new tools specific for making collages.

The processes are self-explanatory. Therefore, there is no need to elaborate on them.

Steps to create a unique photo collage

  1. Choose a template from the available options
  2. Upload the photos
  3. Add artistic effects (optional)
  4. Edit the photos
  5. Share or save, then, download the collage

That’s all. Your collage is ready. Already, the preset designs available on Fotor Collage Designer are enticing, so there’d be less need to worry about starting up something new.

How to design with Fotor online designer

For a graphics designer, you will be able to create quite a bunch of fancy designs with this tool. There are profuse templates categorized into different sections. Here, you can easily design social media cover images (twitter, Facebook, etc.). The dimensions are already preset for you. Designing an attractive business LOGO is possible with this tool.

fotor logo designer

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  1. Choose a design template or start from scratch
  2. Use the variously available toolkits to create stunning designs
  3. Save your work to foto cloud or share instantly to social media
  4. Download your design

What more?

There is evidently nothing more you need to know about this online tool. This is a comprehensive Fotor online photo editor review detailing every feature of the tool. It is a great tool for photo editors and equally suitable for professional graphics designing. Everyone can use this creative editor/designer as it is intuitive on its own.

However, there are other online tools that can serve as alternatives to the Fotor online photo editor; Fotojet Collage Maker and DesignEvo Designer are among such utility tools.

Your Turn

Have you previously used an online designer? would you prefer an internet-based app/software instead of a handy one? Let us hear your opinion about this interesting editor/designer. Rating it above will also help us to determine your opinion. Thanks for reading and do have a great day ahead.

Originally posted on September 11, 2020 @ 4:31 pm

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