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How To Hide IP Address On iPhone: 4 Surest Ways

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IP Address – Internet Protocol Address – is a unique identity for every one browsing on the internet. When you connect to the internet, your IP adresses is unique to you. However, there are cases where many people can use the same IP address (e.g. when you’re on a shared server). But all that notwithstanding, here’s how to hide IP address on iPhone and other iOS devices.

By default, your IP address is exposed to quite a lot of people each time you go online. Phishers, hackers, and the internet’s preying eyes can easily lay hands on unprotected IP addresses, and use them to perpetuate dubious activities such as hacks, breaches, and other similar acts. But when you hide your IP, you make it difficult for anyone to track your online activities.

Dealing With iPhone IP Address Security

Hide IP Address On iPhone

Interesting, there a couple of ways to hide your IP on iPhone without using a third-party (paid) app. Yes, this has to go through Safari or via the mobile network settings. However, if you feel like the default methods won’t give you device-wide security, then you could install a VPN app; there are quite many of them – both free and paid.

How To Hide IP Address On iPhone?

We’d start with the free options, and then to the paid options. There are about four (4) different ways to hide IP address on iPhones.

1. Via Safari Browser

The bloatware Apple Safari browser on your iPhone has a feature that lets you block your device’s IP from trackers. Interestingly, this does not require any third-party app installation, so it’s completely safe. Hereunder are the steps on how to hide iPhone IP address via Safari browser.


  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Safari option.
  • Look out for the “Privacy and Security” section and tap on “Hide IP address.”
  • Choose the best security option for you (Preferably, Trackers and Websites).

Note: This feature is available on all iOS versions. So, you can get it activated on your iPhone, regardless of iOS version.

2. Change Your Mobile Network Settings

For this method, you must upgrade youriPhone’s device OS version to iOS15. This IP security feature is built into iOS15 and higher versions. So,quite sadly, if your iPhone can’t get the iOS15 update, this method won’t work for you. But, if you’ve got iOS15, hereunder are the steps to trick this tweak.


  • Open the Settings app and tap on Mobile Data.
  • Further tap on “Mobile Data Options.”
  • Look out for “Limit IP Address Tracking” and toggle the button to turn Green.

Note: This option doesn’t really block everyone in the internet from accessing your IP; it simply blocks your IP from known trackers detected by Safari and Mail. For all around protection, use the methods below.

3. Using a VPN

Well, not everyone loves using VPNs because of the ill things they’ve heard about them. But well, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), are still a way to protect your online privacy. More so, VPNs lets you navigate through multiple server locations; thus, allowing you to stream even country-specific content (by choosing a server location within the country).

However, there are many VPN apps out there – both free and paid. Choosing one can be daunting, but here’s a listicle/review guide to help narrow your selection. Ensure to consider the features of the VPMN app you’re choosing.

Note: It is a general belief that PAID VPNs offer better security than free ones. However, that’s a fluff! There are still FREE VPNs that are very reliable and feature-rich.

4. Using Proxies

Using SmartProxy, you can skip VPNs and simply use proxy setups to hide your iPhone’s IP address. Below are the steps to how to protect your iPhone’s online activities using Proxy Networks.


  • Open the Settings page and tap on Wi-Fi
  • Tap on the Info Icon on the right side and select “HTTP Proxy Configure Proxy.”
  • Tap Manual and enter your proxy settings.
  • Turn on authentication if network IP is not whitelisted, the enter your Username and Password.
  • Save your settings.

What More?

Practically, these are the surest four (4) ways to hide IP address on an iPhone device (and iPads too). When you protect/mask your IP, it gives you more confidence surfing the internet, and you can penetrate any website, including geo-restricted ones. Hopefully, this article helps your search; have a great day!

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