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How local SEO helps to increase your customer base

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Winning the competition is always a goal of the business organizations with the trust to increase the customer base. Whether a business is looking to stand out the competition or increase the search engine rankings, every step is aimed towards increasing the customer share in the market. This is the juncture where local SEO comes into consideration; it is an important alternative that helps the business organizations reach a great customer share.

Local SEO has its own unique strategies to get your business ranked at the top of the search results and announce you to more customers. With the increase in the number of local SEO services, the companies offering this service use targeted marketing techniques to place your business website on top of SERPs and other business directories online. This will cause your business to be seen by a targeted multitude and it can also boost your customer base.

How local SEO helps to increase your customer base

#1. The internet is a home for all

Internet is high relied on to search local business

Increasing trends in technology have brought everything to human fingertips. The advent of smartphones and portable desktops made the customers reach the internet to find everything they want and finding business is not an exception. Recent studies stated that 64%of the Google searches are made local, 50% of the mobile searches are keen on finding crucial business information like phone number and location of the business. Local SEO strategies unique techniques to capitalize on customer share in the market.

#2. Conversion rates are high on local advertising channels

Conversion rates are high on local advertising channels

The conversion rates of Local SEO are usually very high and offer good ROI compared to traditional marketing. Local SEO targets on bringing your business to rank on the top of your competitors in local listings online.

Online directories and Google SEO maps display crucial information about the business like its location phone number. Getting your business on the local directories through local SEO will make your business rank first on search results and increase CTR (Click Through Rate).  This does not only increase potential quality leads to the business but also increases the customer base.

#3. Growing mobile internet

Growing mobile internet

This is another good reason why local SEO strategies can help you in increasing the customer base. Research proves mobile internet dominates local searches compared to desktop searches for the local business.

While mobile media takes the share of 51% desktop media covers 42%. As the local SEO strategies target the attention of both the customers, you will be surely grabbing the potential customers in the market.

#4. Great return on investment

Great return on investment

It takes a longer period of time and much capital for a business organization to get listed at the top of the search results through traditional digital marketing methods. Meanwhile, Local SEO strategies shoot you to the top place within a short time frame with low investment.

You are sure to gain the attention of potential customers when your business ranks well on SERP; this makes Local SEO appear better for a local business firm than traditional marketing.

#5. Get Google business listing verified

Get Google business listing verified

An important step for business owners to win the competition is staying proactive in local SEO strategies. Google business is a free listing available to the business owners to rank top among the search results. Most of the business owners have neglected the importance of verifying their business listing, surprisingly, 44% of the business owners. Don’t just be one among them, get your business listing verified, local SEO helps your business strike the iron when it is hot and gain the attention of the potential customers by ranking high in the local search results.

#6. Online business reviews

Online business reviews

Online business reviews are among the key strategies for your business to rank on search engine results. Search engines give due importance to the online reviews in establishing business credibility.  Online reviews influence how 85% of online customers purhase or order for services. Statistics reveal that this share contributes to 88% of the online buyers. This way local SEO can play a key role in increasing loyal customer base for your business in the market.

#7. Let the customers find business information

Relying on the internet to find any information has become the latest trend during recent times. If your local SEO  does not make your crucial business information available online, you will be probably missing potential customer share.


The local search trends are getting stronger and significant in near future. Now, it is time for you to take the advantage of local SEO strategies on top of the search results and increase your loyal customer base before your competitors turn wise.

Author Bio: Amit Chauhan

Amit Chauhan is the Founder & CEO at SearchClap. Amit is an Internet Marketer, Blogger, SEO Consultant, Link Building specialist & Maps marketing Specialist. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Originally posted on August 20, 2018 @ 12:38 pm

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  1. hould an online business try to rank for local seo? For example should a graphic designer in a small city use local seo. I noticed you used your house address with google my business, wouldn’t doing that segregate your market causing clients only in Seattle wanting to work with you? Love the videos! keep up the content!

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