How to convert GIF to MP4

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Definitely, you must have come across a funny/important gif shared by friends on social media and you wish to save it and probably reshare to other people – how would you do that? Also, there may be a need to convert the GIF to MP4 due to compatibility issues across devices – how would you do that? Here, I’ll provide tips on how to convert GIF to MP4 easily.

Tips to Convert your GIF to MP4

Method One: Using a GIF to Video Converter

There are several video converters out there that allow you to convert various file formats. Interestingly, these video converters are available as software programs, as well as mobile apps. But for the purpose of converting GIF to Video, DVDFab Toolkit is one of the simplest programs to use.

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How To Convert GIF to MP4

GIF to Video Converter
  • Download and install DVDFab Toolkit
  • Launch the program, scroll down and click on GIF to Video (under image tools)
  • Upload the GIF files you want to convert
  • Choose an output format (MP4)
  • Set other settings if you wish
  • Click on “Start”

Notes: you can upload multiple GIF files at once. DVDFab Toolkit also allows you to convert videos to GIF format.

Method Two: Using Online GIF to Video Converter

Some people prefer online (web-based) tools rather than software programs. If you’re one of such persons, there are online tools that can help you to convert your GIF files to MP4 videos.

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How to Convert GIF to Video Using Online GIF Converter

Convert GIF to Video online
  • Launch your web browser and visit any online GIF to Video converter websites, such as or FileZigZag.  
  • Upload the GIF files
  • Choose an output format (MP4)
  • Click “Convert”


These are the two easiest ways to convert GIF files to Video format. Alternatively, most GIF to Video converters (offline and software) also allow you to convert Video to GIF.

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  1. I was searching for the exact content, I have many gifs formats pictures but I need to convert it as a MP4 Video to present projects.

    But confused how to do it! Now came to a clarity. thank You!

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