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How to Convert Opus to MP3

Opus is actually a lossy sound coding format created by Xiph.Org and standardized through IETF. The primary purpose for Opus format is to effectively encrypt sound in a single file format. Most particularly, this format is used to encrypt WhatsApp voice messages. In February 2019, WhatsApp announced that 1 billion individuals were making use of the WhatsApp messenger service- and the figures continue to increase. This will make WhatsApp, undoubtedly, the most used messages service accessible for mobile phones today.

According to statistics, over 30 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every day; seven hundred million of these are photos, two hundred million are voice communications, and 100 million are video messages.

While images & videos are oftentimes instantly stored on your device or you can manually download them from the messenger, voice communications aren’t as easy to preserve. Luckily, there exists a fast and simple way to save those communications as MP3s! We also got the best audio to text apps for WhatsApp.

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How to Convert Opus to Mp3 Files

This works for all Opus media files, not just WhatsApp voice note files.

The thing you need for this;

  • A smartphone with WhatsApp installed on it
  • Computer or laptop

But before going on, what is a voice message?

What is a Voice Message?

Numerous files can be sent via WhatsApp, consist of images, video clips, and audio tracks. With regards to audio, there exists a major difference, however. You can, on the first hand, send out music or audio tracks to your contacts. Alternatively, you are able to record a voice message straight via WhatsApp and send that.

The latter is exactly what we all know as voice messages. They are really recorded making use of the microphone button inside the application.

Where to find WhatsApp voice notes

On your Android device, go to file explorer/manager >>> WhatsApp >>> Media >>> WhatsApp Voice Notes. Check-in your internal storage and external storage. Copy the voice note to your computer, it will appear as an Opus media file. If you don’t have a computer, simply copy the voice note or opus file to a specific folder, where you can easily access it.

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Convert Opus to MP3 Format on Android

  • Open a web browser on your computer, laptop, or device
  • Go to and upload the Opus file
  • You can activate the available settings or simply click on “Convert file”.
  • That’s it, you Opus media file will convert to an MP3 file and you can play it on any media player

This web tool for converting Opus to MP3 is totally free and accessible across all platform. All you need is just a web browser and an active internet connection; you can convert any Opus file to Mp3 in a few minutes.

Just as said earlier, this method can work for any Opus media file you come across; it is the best Opus to MP3 converter tool. If you are looking for how to convert another audio format to MP3, simply comment below and we’ll help with the right tool for that.

Originally posted on September 16, 2019 @ 9:00 pm

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