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How to copy files on Windows using a file copy software

Obviously, you could simply highlight a text, sentence, or paragraph, and then press CTRL + C to copy. But what happens when you want to copy large files, documents, or even PC folders? If you use the default copy and paste feature on Windows OS, the copying process would take lots of time; thus, the best way to copy large files and folders on a computer is using a file copy software.

What is a file copy software?


A file copy software is simply a software application with advanced features for copying and pasting large files on a computer, or even between two/more computers. There are quite a lot of file copying software for Windows 10; you have to pick one of them. Interestingly, we have previously published the best file copy utility for Windows OS.

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How to copy files on Windows using a file copy software

First Step: download a file copy software

Most people prefer Robocopy, while many others would go for Teracopy or File Fisher. Simply download anyone of your choice and install it on your Windows 10 computer.

Second Step: launch the software and start copying

Most file copying software support drag n drop uploads. Thus, you can simply drag the files to the software’s interface, and then select the next location you want to copy/move the data to. Also, some of these copy software for Windows 10 attach themselves to the Windows context menu. Thus, you can simply select a file, right-click, and choose to copy using your file copy software.

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Third Step: wait…

It may take a long time for the copying to complete. How long you’d wait depends on the size of file/folder you’re copying. Nevertheless, with a reliable file copy software, such as UltraCopier the process is usually fast.

What More?

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Originally posted on July 13, 2020 @ 12:27 pm

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