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How I Got My WhatsApp and SMS Messages To My PC Free and EASY

How To Get WhatsApp and SMS Messages on PC

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WhatsApp and SMS are the two most common means people send instant messages to their loved ones, friends, family, or colleagues. Yes, you can always use your phone to access your SMS and WhatsApp apps quickly, but what about people like me who spend a ton of time on PC? Well, I figured out I can easily access my WhatsApp and SMS without leaving my PC.

How to get WhatsApp and SMS messages on PC? You need the Opera browser. The new Opera browser is such a delight; it brings all my stuff into one place, thanks to the “Workspaces” features and sidebar. So, I got my WhatsApp on the sidebar, then accessed in a pinned tab to synchronize my mobile phone’s SMS messages. Well, hereunder is how I did that.

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How To Get WhatsApp and SMS Messages on PC

Firstly, you need to install the Messages app by Google on your Android device, then install the latest Opera Mini browser on your PC. These are the two prerequisites to proceed with the guide below.

Step One: Launch Opera Browser

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Open the Opera browser on your PC and visit Messages for Web ( on a new tab. When the page opens, you will see instructions on how to access the pairing feature from the mobile Messages app on your device.

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Step Two: Pair Your Messages App

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Scan the QR code using your Messages app and your SMS messages will be available on your PC. You can now send messages from your PC without going to your phone. Also, you can delete or block SMS messages right from your PC.

Step Three: Bring Your WhatsApp to PC

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Although there is an official WhatsApp app for Windows PCs, I prefer the add-on alternative on Opera because it makes me not leave my browsing tab and still reply to WhatsApp messages. Setting it up is pretty easy, after you have downloaded Opera, you should see the icon on the sidebar. But if the icon is not there, follow these steps:

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  • Go to Opera Settings, click on the Search Bar, and search for “Sidebar
  • Click on “Manage Sidebar.”
  • Look out for the “WhatsApp” option and enable it. You can also enable other services you want to have on the sidebar.
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Step Four: Sign In To Your WhatsApp

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With the WhatsApp icon showing on the sidebar, click on it and add your WhatsApp by scanning the QR Code. Go to Link Device on WhatsApp and choose device pairing to pair your phone and PC. Alternatively, WhatsApp now allows you to use a code to pair your account to a PC. That’s all, then you have to wait for your WhatsApp to completely pair.

What More?

Anything else? Nope! Your WhatsApp and messages will now be accessible from your Opera browser. So, you can access either of them without leaving your browser. This is much of a relief for me, hence, I thought someone else out there might find it useful too.

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