How to Maintain Wire Cutters

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Everyone needs a good, reliable pair of wire cutters. This is particularly true if you work as an electrician or perhaps use wires to create art – and even as a general household tool. A quality pair of wire cutters is always good to have. 

There are a few types of wire cutters, but the most basic is simple cutters with two handles that squeeze together to cut the wire. These come in varying blade widths (mm) and are (pretty much) a one-size-fits-all wire-cutting solution.

Moreso, there are other heavy-duty wire cutters available, including those with insulated handles and those used for cutting fine-tipped computer wires (these are sometimes known as wire crimpers). 

If your wire cutters are left to rust, oxidation will turn your wire cutters into something that’s not good for anyone. Here are some tips on maintaining your wire cutters to protect them and keep them ever-ready for use whenever you need them and save you money on replacements.

Tips To Maintain Wire Cutters

How to Maintain Wire Cutters

1. Properly Store Your Cutters

One of the worst things for any metallic tools, particularly wire cutters and other pliers, is improper storage. Sure, it’s very easy to toss your cutters in with the rest of your toolbox, left to the open air in the corner of the garage – unfortunately, that will cause your tools to rust very quickly. But, apparently, the easiest way to damage your favorite pair of wire cutters is by storing them without thinking.

If you’re using your wire cutters for many different things, they should be stored in a dry location – like an enclosed toolbox. This will considerably slow down the process of oxidation, which causes the metal to rust.

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2. Clean The Cutters Often

One of the worst things you can do for any tool leaves it uncleaned. You must frequently clean your wire cutters to ensure that they are free of grime, dirt, and other debris that can sometimes gather on the blades and even on the cutting mechanism at the point at which the cutters cross over. Make sure you clean your wire cutters after every use – you can even rub them down with rubbing alcohol or soap and water to give them a pristine look every time.

3. De-Stick Your Cutter Blades

Sometimes when cutting, you might leave a sticky, grease-like residue on your wire cutters. Left unattended, this can cause corrosion – ensure you quickly rub down your wire cutters with lighter fluid or oil and then wipe it off with a rag. Lighter fluid or lighter oil cuts through the grime to make it easier to clean the blades.

4. Sharpen the Blades Periodically

No matter what bladed tool you’re using, you’ll need to keep the blades sharp for them to remain effective. This can be done using a blade sharpener – these aren’t usually that expensive. In addition, a sharp pair of wire cutters will ensure that your pair will serve you for years.

Maintaining your wire cutters is key to any functioning business or person that relies heavily on them. Make sure you keep them clean, sharp and stored properly to ensure that you won’t have to replace them for many years.

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