How to Optimize Your Work-From-Home Experience

Nothing is as satisfying as working from a comfort zone. To many people, home is the comfort zone, and to others, their private office is the comfort zone. Nevertheless, some situations can force people to work from home as there won’t be an alternative. For example, Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19) forced a lot of people to understand the need to set up their homes for remote work. Companies and various small businesses are operating virtually because of this pandemic. A lot of things changed (business-wise), and now it’s time to learn how to optimize your work-from-home experience.

Optimizing your work-from-home experience

This may include a lot of things but not limited to anything that could boost your confidence and increase productivity whilst you work from home. More so, in other to enjoy a seamless work-from-home experience, you need some important tools (software and hardware). The software may include apps such as Zoom, Skype, and other remote desktop apps. In comparison, the hardware can include a working PC, printer, scanner, telephone, and other stuff you may need, thanks to your business demands.

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Working from home tips for success

working from home

The strive is to succeed in anything we do, that’s why you should devour these tips for working remotely; to some extent, they guarantee a seamless work from home experience.

1. Create a simple office-like workspace

Irrespective of the industry your business falls into, office premises reveal more of seriousness and lighten active chat at free hours. Sitting on the couch won’t help to make the work easier; instead, you may feel dizzy often.

Hence, it is advisable to create a space at home (close to a window) and furnish the space with basic office equipment. The basic equipment you need can be just an office table and a typical official chair. However, ensure that the table is wide enough to contain your PC/laptop/MacBook, as well as your printer and/or scanner.

As awkward as it may sound, you should dress like you’re actually going to the office when you go to work on your little office-like space at home. To some extent, the office dress code, together with the simulated office environment, can help to boost your productivity.

Ensure that your mini office (at home) isn’t close to a noisy room (maybe the sitting room); to avoid distractions while you work. If you have a spare room, that’s the best – clean up the room and turn it to a typical office.

2. Start at office hours

Work starts from 8:30 am or 9:00 am and stops at mid-day (for some people) or evening (between 4:00 m – 6:00 pm). It would be best if you can maintain your office hours and also take note of break/lunchtimes. Following this scheme will shape your whole being to believe you’re still going out to work while in the actual sense, you’re working from home. If you love taking coffee while at the office, also do that while you work from home.

3. Don’t cut off communications

Effective communication is what keeps businesses (and even relationships) going. Once communication sizes, the business starts going down. To keep with healthy communication as you work remotely from home, you need some remote software applications on your PC or smartphone. With a remote app for communications, you can speak to other employees or even your subordinates through video calls or online meetings.

Some good remote software apps for communications include Skype, Zoom, Facebook, Google Meeting, and WhatsApp.

4. Stay healthy

This is the beauty of working from home; irrespective of your schedules, the breaks in between can be used wisely. Get out of the house and receive fresh air together with sunlight! There’s no alternative to what nature has to give us. Always think about your health while you work from home and be quick to consult your doctor if you notice signs of breakdown. More importantly, get some rest (sleep) when necessary, and eat good food.

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5. Consistency

Be ing consistent is quite very necessary. Don’t deliver late tasks; always try to keep up with your productivity levels while at the office block. Strive to meet up with tasks while balancing your work and personal schedules. Don’t be scared to steal glances at the television during your break time; good TV shows can boost your spirit to work harder. Simply be the best you can!

What More?

  1. How can your work from home experience be improved?

    By simply using the right tools, create a small office space in your home and equip it with office essentials. Also, create work from home schedule template and also surround your working space with (only) things that make you feel happy.

  2. How do I monitor my progress while working from home?

    You can install some productivity apps to keep track of your progress. Also, ask your co-workers to give a report on how productive you have been in a while.

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