Trick: how to save instagram pictures and videos


Looking for how to save instagram pictures and videos? You’re at the right place. On the actual sense, you cannot save instagram media files (photos and videos) but here, I’ll show you a straight simple way to get any instagram photo or video.

Instagram has been around for some years now and currently boasts of billions of daily active users. One major issue with the platform is that the users are not allowed to directly save interesting photos or videos. But here, I’ve got the solution you all need.

This method I’m about to share with you works on computers (Desktop and Laptops), but I’ll also provide you with a link to view how you can save instagram files on smartphones.

How to save instagram pictures and videos on PC

First, you need to download this browser addon – [Link]. Once you have downloaded the add-on, follow the due processes to install and activate it on your chosen browser.

Now, log in to your instagram account and you’ll notice a small download button at the top of each video or photo you view. If you wish to download any video or photo; simply, click on the download button and select a folder for the saved media files.

how to save instagram pictures and videos on PC

It’s just very simple and easy.

How to save instagram photos and videos on smartphones

For this one, you need to install GB instagram on your smartphone. Once you have the GB instagram app on your smartphone, then, you can download/save any instagram media file easily.

Read on – How to save instagram images and video on smartphones

Follow the link above for the steps on how to use the GB instagram app and how to install it on your device.

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This is just a simple straight to the point article on how you can save instagram photos and videos. You can comment below if you need me to help out. Kindly share this article with your friends.

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