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How to use Android File Transfer

File transfer is something people often do. Even between computers, you need a file copy software to get your files across two or more computers without such stress. A lot of people find it difficult to copy or move their files from an Andriod device to a MacBook PC. However, using the Android File Transfer software, this action is very much possible. Plus, It doesn’t take as much time as you may have thought. This article simply details how to use Google’s Android File Transfer software. That basically interprets – how to copy files from Android to Mac.

Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer Software

The Android File Transfer software is a utility that allows Android users who Mac computers to quickly transfer the files on their Android device to their Mac PC. It is a pretty intuitive software that is strictly designed for Android to Mac file transfer purposes.

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How to use Android File Transfer to Copy Files From Android to Mac

Firstly, you have to install the software from the official Android website – follow this link – Afterward, install the app on your Mac computer, drag the software into the applications folder. Then follow the steps below to start copying your files immediately.

First Step: Connect the Android Device

Connect your Android smartphone using a USB cable and ensure that it is recognized by your macbook.

Second Step: Launch Android File Transfer

Now double-click on the AndroidFileTransfer file on your Mac computer and click the “Get Started” button.

Third Step: Browse and Copy

Browse through the various folders and directories on your device. Copy the folders by dragging them to your Mac computer desktop. If you wish to copy files, then you have to double-click on the folders and then copy the specific files to a preferred folder on your Mac computer.

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What More?

When you connect your Android device to a Mac computer, you may have to connect it as a “Media Device.” Simply drag down the notification slider and tap “USB Options” to connect the device as “Media Device.” Different Android smartphones may require additional settings to display on your Mac PC.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Android File Transfer Safe to Use?

Yes, the software is safe to use; however, it is very basic. There are better Android device manager software solutions that offer more features and flexibility in transferring and backing up your Android files.

Can I transfer files from my Android device to Mac wirelessly?

Yes, but that has to be small files because the tech to use is Bluetooth. If you’re copying a large file, obviously, it will take “ages” to transfer successfully via BT.

Is Android File Transfer software available for Windows 10?

No, it is pretty much easy to copy/move/transfer files from an Android device to a Windows PC. Simply connect the smartphone via a USB cable, select “File transfer” from the USB option in notification slider menu, and then start transferring files.

Originally posted on June 25, 2020 @ 6:53 am

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