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How image lookup search is revolutionizing web search

With advancements in everything, the way routine things were done is also changing. A simple task of searching for a keyword on Google has been revolutionized as well. Now, you don’t need to keep trying or searching for different keywords in order to get to know about a particular thing/information. Simply, you can use the exact images or similar images of what you are looking out for to search out the information you wish to know.

Image Lookup Search on Search Engines

Reverse Image Search

Image lookup lets you look for the original image, the source and everything associated with that particular image. Let’s say you find an image of a product that you really like and wish to know more about it? Using the reverse image search option, you will be taken to the source of that product which will help you get the original product. Moreover, through this feature, one can get easily discover any manipulated and edited versions of the image.

Reverse Image Search

Are you not aware of this feature? Well, you need not worry. Reverse Image search is most helpful when the user is short of search keywords. The user provides the search engine with an image on which the search engine bases its search on and looks up for all relevant and similar results it can retrieve. The image that the user provides becomes the search query, just like any keyword would be.


  • The searcher can easily and conveniently locate the original source file of the image used as a search query.
  • You’ll find the higher or perfect image resolution of the same image.
  • You gain easy access to all web pages containing the image.
  • If you are looking for the content creator of a particular image, this tool can help you do just that.
  • If all you have is the image and want to know more about it, this tool will be of great help to retrieve all the relevant information you need.

Using the tool for similar images can also help you realize the popularity of the image on the web. The more places the image appears, the more popular it is!


Image Lookup Search or reverse image search are tools that will help you get the desired results even when you are short of keyword terms to search for. A lot of people are using it already and it is not limited to products.

The images to use could be anything; a celebrity image, a place, an animal or anything at all. Would it surprise you if i say that these tools have helped a lot of people find their dream homes? Well yes, it has helped people do that! In addition to this, it can help you check copied images as well.


Trying different keywords to get what you are looking for can be frustrating and time-consuming. If can make you feel mentally exhausted and tiring if you are not getting what you want. But with reverse image search tool, you will get exactly what you want in no time at all!

To access and use the image search option on Google search engine. Simply enter the following URL on your web browser address bar – https://images.google.com/

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Originally posted on July 28, 2018 @ 11:10 am

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