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The Importance of I.T. in a Startup Business | Top 10

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Here are some of the importance of I.T. in a Startup Business. Apparently, for any business to excel and always achieve its goals, aims, and objectives, it must continually adapt to technological changes.

Startups are technology-based; before a company can be called a startup, it must be such that it aims at solving a particular issue using cutting-edge technologies and distinctive approaches. Startup founders typically aim to validate scalable business models; thus, I.T. is a vital need for startup businesses.

Are startups the same as companies and businesses?

Importance of I.T. in a Startup Business

Simply put, a startup is a business that tends to grow beyond the founder, engages different tech-savvy employees, and solves a problem. Startups aim to improve daily and expand their capabilities but do not deviate from the actual purpose they are meant to serve.

Also, a startup is focused on providing solution(s) to a particular problem. So, startups differ from companies in the sense that companies are typically broader in scope and objectives.

The importance of I.T. in a startup business

1. Improve resource management

Information technology (I.T.) helps to improve the effective utilization of human resources in a startup business. This is possible by providing remote-access platforms for the workers to carry out tasks from anywhere they are and at any time. Also, I.T. makes it possible that employees in a startup can access enterprise-level custom software solutions using any device, thanks to cloud computing.

2. Seamless communication

Effective communication between the employees and between the various teams in a startup is of great importance. This is because seamless communication is very important to growing a business.

Workers must be informed in time about changes to the startup’s regulations, rules, and projects. With the help of I.T., VoIP systems or remote communication solutions can be integrated so that everyone in the startup stays abreast with the latest info.

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Previously, emails, letters, and SMS texts were the means of communication. Now, there are various platforms, such as social media apps, I.M.s, VoIP systems, et cetera.

3. Effective customer support/service

If you don’t treat your customers/clients right, they may never return after their initial experience. One of the keys to growing a startup business is effective customer support. There are quite a lot of customer support solutions that can be integrated into the business systems to help serve your customers right.

When a customer is well satisfied, he goes about telling other people good things about your business; this is the best form of advert a business can get. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can greatly help in this aspect.

4. Easier marketing

Marketing has become very complex that if you fail to adapt to the latest marketing techniques, you’ll never get to beat your competitors. Also, your startup business services will not reach a broader audience without deploying effective marketing strategies.

Typically, startups employ digital marketers for this purpose, and since marketing is a constantly needed service, these employees are made full-time staff members. The marketers in a startup make use of marketing technologies and techniques to boost the startup’s audience and reach.

5. Provides solutions for complex problems

Bespoke software solutions can help startup businesses tackle complex problems that may supersede human technicality. Also, automated systems can greatly help some startups to help simply human labor and maximize productivity and efficiency.

Many tools are now available due to the constant evolution of Information Technology, and these tools are very important to most startups.

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6. Helps in decision making

There are obviously different processes involved in decision-making. With the help of Information Technology solutions, smart and intelligent tools are now available to help facilitate the processes of decision-making. The startup can engage its employees in webinars, video conferences, or using cross-platform remote access to get opinions for effective decision making.

7. Inventory Management

Nowadays, we have smart inventory management systems that help keep track of stocks and items being used/sold by a startup. Just like every other business, startup businesses invest in stock and other aspects to increase revenue and make more profit.

8. Effective data management

Depending on the startup’s size, some startup has a lot of data to manage. Thus, some of them employ “big data” management systems to effectively protect and utilize their data. Data management is very important to any business, not just startups.

Typically, a startup manages sales, employees, business systems, and other forms of data. One of the main importance of Information Technology in a startup business is for the purpose of data management.

9. Privacy and security

Of course, everyone working in a startup must be assured of his/her safety and privacy, especially in regards to their bio and personal data. Through Information Technology, startups can integrate different data storage systems (preferably cloud-based) to safeguard their vital information and that of their employees.

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10. Flexibility of work

Thanks to I.T., most works are automated, and many others are done using intelligent systems; thus, the workers require little or no effort. This grants the opportunity for employees to learn new skills and advance in knowledge to help the startup grow higher.

Also, remote access tools have made things much more accessible because an employee’s physical presence may not be needed to complete a task. Work flexibility is one of the best importance of I.T. in startup businesses.


Did I miss anything? I guess no. Let me know your opinions in regards to this post; kindly comment below. Thanks for reading. Apparently, now, you know the importance of I.T. in a startup business.

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Originally posted on March 21, 2020 @ 9:30 am

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