Importance of smartphones in our Life activities

It pains me when I see people using smartphones and yet do not know the value of what they are holding, some do see it as a mere digital camera for selfies while some see it as just the normal mobile phones we do use then (JAVA, Symbian).

Now lemme take you through with some key importance of smartphones and devices to our daily endeavors.

The Importance of smartphones

  • Religious Purposes: yeah! We need smartphones for some religious purposes, as it tends to ease up stress and time. E.g. the Bible App makes it easy for one to search the scriptures faster than when using the printed copy. Other reasons may include, thus; it reduces carrying bags or loads when attending church crusades or services, with your smartphone you can easily jot down points and also access the Bible quickly and faster.
  • Kill boredom: of course, it helps us kill boredom. Sometimes we get pissed up with activities happening around us which will make the whole place bored and uncomfortable for you. In such moments, you can use your smartphone and start playing games of playing around with some funny apps. You can also choose to hook up with some friends online via some social media platforms and Instant Messengers.
  • Ego: Some people feel inferior to some of their friends because they have smartphones or devices which they themselves don’t have. But whoa! When you have your smartphone with you, there is this sense of ego that occupies your mind when you are out to have fun with friends.
  • Technology Wise: The world is currently ruled and controlled with the profuse technologies that erupt daily, and in other to fit in with these innovations and upgrades you need to live a smart life which is achievable with smart devices/ phones. They enhance your knowledge technically and keep you abreast on some world unconceived technologies yet to surface.
  • Education: These days, education is the only key to knowledge and knowledge is a breathing ground for success, that is why some scientists and technologists collaborated and came up with some Educative mobile app to aid learning and help students who wish to go deep into their various field of education, these Apps only works on smartphones and they include; Dictionaries, Calculators, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and many more.
  • Computer Training: Some may ask how? But yes, it’s possible. Many people today didn’t attend computer school or training to be typing experts. This is how it works, your smartphone button configuration is same with the computer keyboard configuration, and therefore if you could be your smartphone buttons then automatically you will be a guru in typing documents into the computer.

Also, some computer software packages are now available in mobile Apps for smartphones. Packages like Ms. Word (document to go), Ms excel, power point presentation, Adobe and many more.

  • Security: As more technologies erupt daily, so also many fraudulent activities pop-up on daily basis, but with the help of some smart apps and devices you can keep your things safe and well protected. Devices like the CCTV cameras can monitor intruders and criminal activities done in your absence, while some Apps can help you track someone’s activities or track your auto-mobiles while you carry out your normal duties.
  • Online Shopping: In this recent time, online shopping has been proved to be the best and most secured pattern of buying and selling. Sometimes when we shop offline, we get cheated or disappointed in some cases, but one can hardly experience such when we shop online.

Now, how can we shop online?

It simple and easy, download some E-commerce apps like the Amazon mobile app, Konga mobile app or jumia mobile app, register with the mall and you are good to go.

  • Speedy Browsing: Mobile telecoms companies have made internet browsing with smartphones very easy and enjoyable with the introduction of the 4G LTE network. Now you can download full HD videos in few seconds, chat unlimitedly with your friends and also share Wi-Fi with your co-workers or family members.
  • Media Options: This may be the last on our list but not the least. Many individuals now use their smartphones are video cameras in occasions and parties because some of these phones bag indescribable camera quality (full HD). I guess it’s time you stick to one smartphone and have a taste of smart life.

Thanks for taking time to read this article. This post was published for the sake of people who see smartphones as the normal Java and Symbian phones of the old.

Kindly share this article with friends on social media. Also, drop your comments and opinions below.

Originally posted on March 10, 2018 @ 3:38 pm

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