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The New Lad in Apple’s Lineup: iPhone 14 Launch Price Starts At NGN495,000 In Nigeria

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Well, even though it seems Apple has run out of design ideas, we can’t deny the fact that many of us would still buy the iPhone 14 when it launches next month – September. The iPhone 14 launch price is tipped to start at $799.00, which is NGN495,000 approximately (based on the unofficial/black market dollar to NGN rate as of today).

Meet The New Lad In The iPhone Series – Apple iPhone 14

iPhone 14 launch date and price

The Apple iPhone 14 is a desirable device you’d love. Yes, some of us still prefer top-notch Android devices with classic, monstrous specs, but we can’t lie to the fact that Apple iPhones are really good. As with its predecessors, the iPhone 14 is launching with a variant model – the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Of course, the Pro and Pro Max variants would cost higher than the standard model – rumors hint that they are getting a $200 to $400 increase. Well, the prices aren’t confirmed yet – so also the features and specs. But hereunder are the most-likely features and specs to see in the next iPhone 14s launching in September.

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Unofficial iPhone 14 Specs and Features Highlight

  • 4 GB RAM
  • Apple A15 Bionic (5nm) Processor
  • 12 MP + 12 MP Rear Cameras and a Flash sensor (Tri-Camera Setup)
  • 12 MP + SL 3D Selfie Shutter
  • 3115 mAh battery
  • 6.1-inch screen

iPhone 14 Launch Date and Starting Price

The launching will happen in September – about 35 days from today (04/08/2022); the price is tipped to start at $799 (NGN495,000). The specs mentioned above are for the standard iPhone 14 version.

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