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iTop Easy Desktop Review: A New Way To Organize Your Screen

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iTop Easy Desktop Review

iTop Easy Desktop is a software application that helps you to organize your desktop’s appearance and make it clutter-free. There’s a “Guide” tab that informs you about every feature and function of this app – impressive!!!

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Personally, I dislike messy desktops – I always try to minimize the number of icons and folders on my desktop screen. I’ve always found a way to get this done, but I never knew there could be another “better way.” Certain software apps have provided a handful of features for managing desktop appearance, but I mostly found the iTop Easy Desktop app much better.

This iTop Easy Desktop review is my sincere opinion about the software app – detailing its features, how it works, and what you can do with it. First of all, it is a freeware application, easy to use, but not so easy to understand the entire features and available tools. You can hide your desktop icons with this app and do much other exciting stuff.

iTop Easy Desktop for Windows

iTop Easy Desktop Review

iTop Easy Desktop is a software application that helps you to organize your desktop’s appearance and make it clutter-free. Organizing your desktop can help in many ways, including improving your focus. But then, the main focus of this software app is to make your desktop appear neat and clutter-free.

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The iTop Easy Desktop software isn’t that complex to use; you need to carefully go through the options in each tab and choose your settings carefully. One good thing about this app is that it is completely available for free, yet it proves to be a very important solution for organizing your desktop’s screen,

Technical Specifications:

Operating System: Windows 11/10/8.0/7.0

RAM: At least 1GB

Space: At least 10GB


Distinguish Your Desktop Clutters: This app lets you create a unique folder for each type of file or icon showing on your desktop. You can create a folder for software apps (.exe files), regular folders, documents, and others.

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Quick Hide: You can activate the “Double-click to hide” hide to automatically blank out your desktop’s appearance; the icons will reappear if you double-click again. This is quite fun and can mean a lot to some Windows PC users.

Auto Arrangement: The iTop Easy Desktop will automatically arrange your desktop icons into the different folders you created; it automatically aligns the folders view so that everything looks neatly done.

Custom Hotkeys: You can configure different hotkeys to trigger different actions that allow you to access the boxes easier.

New App Notifications: When a new folder or app is added to any of the folders, you will receive a notification about that.

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Price and Availability

The iTop Easy Desktop software app is currently only available to Windows computer users, and there’s no pricing plan as of the time of putting up this review. This means that the software is completely free to download and use. It works on Windows computers that run on Windows OS version 7 up to the newest version, 11.

iTop Easy Desktop Review

iTop Easy Desktop Settings

Sincerely, this is an awesome application for people who love to keep their desktops clutter-free. I found this software very useful because I’ve always loved a neat, well-arranged/organized desktop screen. The features are cool and pretty much handy; the boxes automatically roll up when you move out your mouse (you have to activate this feature from the settings).

Toggling the configuration settings, I found out there are many ways of customizing how this software works for you. You can set different colors for the boxes to distinguish them according to the data type contained in each. More so, there’s a “Guide” tab that informs you about every feature and function of this app – impressive!!!

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How To Use iTop Easy Desktop

iTop Easy Desktop

Basically, I don’t think anyone needs a guide to use this software app on their Windows computer. Nevertheless, here’s a quick guide to installing and setting up the iTop Easy Desktop software application.

Step One: Download the app from the developer’s official website and install it on your compatible Windows OS computer system

Step Two: Launch the app after installation and choose the “Quick Start” option for straightforward configuration. When the main app opens, carefully read through the information provided on the “Guide” tab.

Step Three: Navigate the tabs (Appearance, Quick Actions, Organization, and Layout) and activate/deactivate the features of iTop Easy Desktop you wish to use or not use.

What More?

This is a concise yet detailed iTop Easy Desktop review. The software is actually nice and handy; if you’re like me and want to always see your desktop almost blank – so that your wallpaper appears boldly on the entire screen without distractions – then you’d definitely love this app!

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