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iTop PDF Editor Review: Is This a One-Stop PDF Solution for Windows OS?

89 / 100

Well, almost everyone needs a PDF editor; you might have the need to use it now, but certainly, the need would arise someday. From editing cooperate documents to making some corrections on business PDFs, online forms, and other similar actions, a PDF editor is useful to both businesses and individuals.

iTop PDF software is one of the best PDF editing suites you can use on Windows OS computers. It allows for editing, conversation, and compression of PDF files with great ease. In this iTop PDF review, I’d discuss my sincere experience using this software program for PDF editing, OCR, and document conversion.

iTop PDF Software

iTop PDF

The iTop PDF software is a freemium, powerful PDF tool that lets you carry out different actions on a PDF document, such as editing the PDF, converting it into an image file, converting Word docs to PDF, and other good stuff you may want to do. This tool also lets you merge multiple PDF pages into one or split one page into multiple pages.

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This software also lets you view all kinds of PDFs, including those downloaded online as ebooks and forms. It is quite versatile and runs smoothly on Windows 7 to 11 OS computers. You can create an e-signature to attach to any PDF file that is owned or edited by you. iTop PDF offers much flexibility in handling PDF files, and you’d love to explore that.

Technical Specifications

Operating System: Windows OS 7, 8, 10, and 11

Ram: At least 2GB

Installation Space: Up to 300MB


  • Edit PDFs Easily: This is the primary function of this software app; it allows you to edit PDFs using a wide range of editing tools. You can also edit the images in a PDF file using iTop PDF.
  • Document Conversion: With the iTop PDF app, you can convert a wide range of files to PDF format and equally convert from PDF to doc or image formats.
  • Built-in OCR: This PDF editor app also comes with an intelligent character recognition engine, which makes it able to recognize and extract texts from scanned images and documents, so you can save them in PDF format.
  • Merge & Split PDFs: With the iTop PDF app, you can merge multiple PDF pages to become a single PDF. In the same way, you can split a single PDF document into multiple new PDFs; either of these comes in handy at specific times.
  • Compress Large PDFs: If you’re trying to upload a large PDF and the size exceeds the upload limit of the platform you’re using to send the file, iTop PDF can help you compress the PDF file without reducing the quality.
  • Encrypt your PDFs: Add password protection to sensitive PDF documents to restrict access to the content. You can also add watermarks to your PDFs to show you’re the rightful/original owner.

Pricing and Availability

The iTop PDF software is available to Windows OS users. It offers three paid plans, but there’s a basic free version with many limits. Premium plans for the iTop PDF app are as follows: $11.99/mo for the monthly plan, $7.17/mo for the bi-annual (6 months) plan, and $4.17/mo for the yearly plan.

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iTop PDF Editor Review

iTop PDF Editor

Frankly speaking, the iTop PDF software is one of the most comprehensive PDF editors I’ve used. It comes with many built-in utility tools I didn’t even imagine, and the interface is thoughtfully designed. It allows you to do much fun stuff to/with a PDF file; the editing tools are really useful – same as the conversion tools.

iTop PDF Editor‘s free version isn’t so sophisticated in the sense that it doesn’t allow you to exploit many tools available on the app. But while the iTop PDF Editor looks to be a great and impressive tool, it is not “so fast” in opening files. This iTop app can serve as your primary PDF app for viewing PDFs, editing them, converting them, and compressing them.

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iTop PDF is simply a one-stop solution for performing any action on a PDF file, including annotations to explain points in a PDF file. I’m impressed with the features, and I know you would, too.

How to Use iTop PDF Software

iTop PDF Review

The intuitive, well-explained interface of the iTop PDF software makes it pretty easy for anyone to find their way around the app. But it all starts with downloading the software and installing it on your Windows 7/8/10//11 PC. First, you download the .exe file, then launch the executable file to download the main software from iTop’s cloud.

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Step One:

Launch the iTop PDF software and import your PDF file; on the main screen, you can choose what you want to do from the “Quick Access” tabs.

Step Two:

After you have imported your PDF file, use the menu tabs to select what action you want to take: edit, convert, compress, append watermark/signature, comment, or encrypt/protect. Each menu tab provides you with a number of tools for its designed purpose; for example, the Edit tab provides all needed PDF editing tools, and the Conversion tab provides all PDF conversion tools.

Step Three:

When you’re done editing the PDF, save it as a different file or overwrite the original one. That’s it, this software app isn’t difficult to use.

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iTop PDF software is a PDF editor, PDF converter, PDF watermark remover, PDF encryptor, and more. It is an all-inclusive solution for managing and personalizing PDF files. This PDF app is highly recommended for individuals and companies.

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