MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition
  • Interface
  • Recovery rate
  • Variety of supported platforms


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition v8.0 is a freemium data recovery software available for both Windows and Mac OS users. The software is unique and easy to use, plus, it saves you some cash to spend on other stuff. It can recover all your lost files and comes with tons of useful functions/tools.

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Data loss is something that occurs often in several firms, companies, public service centers, and even on our PC’s. When this happens, it leaves us with only one option. Which is to search out for a reliable data recovery software capable of getting back our lost files. On this, you’d probably go for a paid data recovery software. But what if there is a free recovery software that can actually help out in this scenario and save you some bucks? MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition is such a life and money saver that can help out in this crucial time.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition

This is a piece of utility freeware that allows you to get back lost files from a hard disk drive, solid state drive, removable drives, DVD and CD drives even partitions. It exposes you to a lot of helpful data recovery tools/options and ensures you recover all the lost files.


  • Recovers data loss on various platforms, drives, and storage.
  • Simple and easy interface
  • Works in just 3 steps/clicks
  • Preview media files

My Review and Verdict

It was actually easier retrieving my lost files using the MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition software than it was when i tried it out with some other recovery softwares i already had. To this end, I’d say; this is a very good data recovery software. And to think it is actually free (though had a paid version), this makes it a solid option for everyone.


There is a newer version of this software and it includes some new advanced features you’d love. Read the Minitool Power Data Recovery 8.1 Review.

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Getting started with the MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition

Just like it is done for every other softwares; you’d have to download this software from the official website page. Once after download, follow the on-screen prompts to install on your PC then you are all set.

Recovering lost files from your PC HDD using MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition

Step One: Launch the software

Minitool data recovery

Launch the software on the computer system (PC or Desktop) where the affected disk drive is present; you’ll be greeted by the software home window and you’ll see all the drives present on the computer system. Look to see if you’d spot the affected drive present on this window then proceed to the next step.

Step two: Select the affected drive and open

Double-click on the affected hard disk drive to open the disk. MiniTool Data Recovery Free Edition will launch a deep scan automatically and scans through the hard disk thoroughly to get back 100% of your lost files. The scanning process takes a long time to complete so, you’d have to exercise patience when this process is going on. Or, you can stop the scan once an important file has been recovered.

Minitool data recovery free edition

While the scanning is still on-going, this data recovery tool allows you to preview the already recovered files (especially images and videos). You can as well use the “Find” tool to search and see if a particular file, directory, or folder have been detected; so you can either stop the scanning and head on with the recovery process or allow it to complete.

A “legend” is available at the bottom area of the scanning window. This is where you see a guide to the symbols used by this software to differentiate between lost files, deleted files, etc.

Minitool data recovery

Also, you can filter the scan/search results by using the “Filter” option available at the menu bar of the current window.

Step Three: Edit some settings and save the recovered files, folders, and directories

free data recovery software

Once the scan is complete or maybe you stopped it the moment you discover that the most important file has been recovered. Adjust some certain settings, preview the files, and then click on the “Save” button to save back your recovered files. That’s pretty easy i guess?

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How to recover lost files from a CD/DVD drive

The processes of recovering lost files from  CD or DVD drive is not so different from what we have above. See the steps below;

  1. Launch the software and click on the CD/DVD ROM DRIVE option.
  2. The CD or DVD drive should appear on the open window.
  3. Double-click on the disk to open
  4. This software will also launch the usual scanning process and get back your files from the disk.
  5. Preview the recovered files (if necessary) and click “Save“.

Repeat these processes for recovering of data from other supported platforms like removable disks.

[tab title=”Pros”]

  1. Friendly interface
  2. Previews recovered files
  3. Free to use
  4. Recovers lost files from a variety of options

[tab title=”Cons”]

  1. Recovers only 1024 MB of lost data


Availability and Pricing

This free edition of the MiniTool Power Data Recovery software is limited to recover only 1024 MB of data. For more allocation, you need to upgrade to any of the pro versions.

The pricing of this software varies. For personal usage, the pro versions sell out starting from $69.00 to $129.00. While for business users, this tool is available starting from $199.00 to $499.00.

Note: each pro version of this tool has its own advantages and limitations.

Wrap Up:

Finally, I’d say; this is freemium software with limitations. But it still makes up to be considered as an option in various cases of data loss scenarios. With this tool, you can save yourself some cash to solve other problems.

What do you think about this free data recovery software? Let’s hear your opinions, thoughts, and reviews. Kindly drop them at the comment section. Also, share this article with friends and followers on various social media platforms.

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