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MiniTool power data recovery V8.5 review

Just in case your PC ran into a crash (whether it is OS or HDD crash), using the Minitool Power Data Recovery app, you can get back any file that is lost as a result of the crash. Also, if you lost your files due to any other accident, this application is yet effective for getting back those lost files. The MiniTool Power Data Recovery V8.5 is currently the latest version of this attested PC data recovery software. It is available for both Windows PC and MacOS users. In this new version, quite a lot of things were fixed; thus, the app now functions much better than before. However, there are no much significant changes; you may think nothing changed.

We have covered a well-detailed article about this data recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery. The article also includes how you can recover your lost files using the app. Thus, this “update” article is to highlight the new features and bug fixes.

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New features of MiniTool Power Data Recovery V8.5

MiniTool Power Data Recover v8.5

While there are no much changes applied to this version, asides a few upgrades, bug fixes, and support for file types, below are the features of this data recovery program.

Faster scanning process

This latest version makes the scanning process much faster; you’ll notice the change in the speed in which this app searches through your hard disks to get back files previously saved on them.

Detailed result window

Also, while scanning or after scanning your drives, this app presents you with a detailed window with quite a lot of navigation options. You can easily your important files first before checking out other random files.

Pause and resume scan

You can pause the scanning process at any time and resume it some other time when you’re convenient. This feature comes in handy when your PC is running on low battery, and there is no power source to charge the battery. Other reasons can also make you love this feature; it is truly helpful.

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Preview files before recovery

Interestingly, you can preview most discovered files before recovering them. This will help you to identify if the file or files you’re about to recover are actually the ones you need. MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.5 supports tons of files format, and you can preview over 70 different types of file.

Export and import scan results

When you will need this is often when you’re in haste. Maybe you wish to recover some important files first before continuing to recover other at a later time. After this app has completely scanned your drives and discovers all your files, you can export the result and load it again to continue recovering data you weren’t chanced to recover initially.

Effective and efficient filtering tool

With the filter option, you can efficiently filter scan results to face your important files or a specific file format. This option is also quite handy in many situations.

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MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition – V8.0″]

Bugs fixed on MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.5

  • Bug fix for Free Edition – shows negative values in “free quota left.”
  • Bug fix for Free Edition – unable to recover files that are above the 1GB limit.
  • Unit display does not meet specifications and standards (fixed)
  • Time format display not unified (fixed)
  • Allowing software uninstallation during the recovery process which further leads to data loss

This app can recover data lost due to the following;

  • Raw partition
  • Deleted files
  • OS or HDD crash
  • Disk failure
  • Partition loss
  • and many more

Supported formats

  • All word formats
  • all excel formats (XLS, XLSX, CSV, etc.)
  • PDF, XPS, PPT, CAD, DXF, MSG, PST, OFT, and many more.

Our verdict

We have used quite a lot of MiniTool applications, and they all work perfectly for the reason they are being developed to serve. This updated version of the company’s proven data recovery software is valid and can recover lost data from various data loss cases. We recommend this app and assure you that it is effortless to use. However, you can still check out iBoysoft Data Recovery software; it is yet another excellent application to get back your lost files, and it comes with fair pricing.

Originally posted on June 10, 2019 @ 8:43 am

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