MozBar Review: The Best Free SEO Tool?

There are obviously lots of SEO tools used by different people to quickly check the important metrics of each site they visit on the internet. Some people install browser extensions to check for sites’ Alexa rank, DA, and other scores. However, I found MozBar to be an essential browser extension to install on Chrome or Opera Mini. I’m putting up this MozBar review more like a recommendation of the addon because I found it handy for the need.

What is MozBar?

Mozbar is a free Chrome browser add-on that helps you to check for PA, DA, and Spam Score (SS) of any website/link you visit on the internet. It has a Pro version that helps you look up and perform keyword researches. Arguably, Mozbar is one of the handiest SEO browser add-ons you should use. However, it is only available for Chrome browsers; nevertheless, Opera Mini users can get this addon using the “Install Chrom Plugins” tool.

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MozBar for Firefox

Moz has discontinued Mozbar for Firefox browsers. The developer said that this is as a result of incompatibility issues with the newer versions of Firefox. Mozbar for Firefox was discontinued since 2016.

Is MozBar a free SEO tool?

It is more like a freemium tool, though it doesn’t have a timed trial period to use the free version. There are lots of features available on Mozbar; however, until you upgrade to the pro version, you’ll be faced with limited SEO offering. Mozbar is a free SEO tool, but it has a pro version for people who need more features.

Features of MozBar

  • Shows link metrics of a website
  • Displays the DA, PA, and SS of any site
  • Helps to identify high-authority sites on SERPs
  • Flexible placement (either top or bottom, or DA mode)
  • Page analysis
  • Highlight links on a page
  • More features with a pro account

MozBar Review and How To Use

Firstly, you have to download the tool from Moz’s website – or install directly to your Chrome or Opera browser via the browser extensions page. Once after downloading MozBar, you have to log in to your Moz account or signup if you’re a new user.

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I found this tool to be a handy SEO extension; once you search for a keyword on Google or any search engine, it shows you the core metrics of all the links that appear on the search result. For example, check below.


The detailed guide on how to use MozBar is available on the developer’s main website. Read the guide. This is just a quick MozBar review; it is generally a handy SEO tool for every site owner.

Originally posted on June 11, 2020 @ 12:40 pm

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