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MulTCloud Review 4.5.3: one account for multiple clouds

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MultCloud is an effective online cloud management tool with a simple interface so that everyone could access and use it with ease. This web app allows you to manage all your cloud drives in one place with effective management tools.

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The cloud is the best place to save your files/data/documents. Particularly, I stopped using flash drives and SDcards since 2012. Then, I began to use cloud storages and I have many cloud storage account. I have always wanted to manage all my cloud accounts at once but it wasn’t possible until I got to know about this cloud management software – MultCloud. So you’ve got more than one cloud drive just like me? There is a way to manage all your cloud drives at once you know? Today, I’d be writing the MultCloud review – a free online cloud management tool for effective cloud management.

MultCloud Overview

Multcloud is a product of Aomei Inc – a popular software developer. It is an online cloud file manager with a simple interface so that everyone could access and use it with ease. This platform allows you to manage all your cloud drives in one place with effective tools. Currently, it supports up to 32 different cloud storage platforms not excluding Google drive, ADrive, MediaFire, Amazon drive, Box, etc. Using this tool is very simple, you may not need to read up tutorials for that. It has been approximately 2 years since I started using MultCloud so I think it’s time to share it with others.

Features of MultCould online cloud management tool

  • Efficient cloud management
  • Recycle bin for cloud contents
  • Cloud transfer
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Explorer
  • Management tools
  • One-click file transfer

There are no system requirements to use MultCloud, only ensure your internet connectivity is seamless. Once you have an active internet connection, you can access and use MultCloud.

My MultCloud review

I have previously mentioned that it’s been up to 2 years since I started using Multcloud. Ever since then, I’m yet to see a reason that would make me seek for an alternative except for review purposes. The interface is very simple, intuitive, and perfect in my opinion.

There are lots of cloud storage platforms supported by Multcloud and the good thing is that you could add up to 10 different cloud accounts to its single dashboard for stressfree management. Also, the individual file management options are useful for transferring files in-between the connected cloud accounts.

Everyone (be it a newbie or professional) can handle this platform effectively for managing various cloud drives in a simple intuitive interface. Since this is an online-based tool, it is not restricted to any OS (PC & Mobile). Just an active internet connection and you’re good to go! 😎

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Getting Started with MultCloud

Visit the website – MultCloud and start adding your virtual storages. Click on the “Add cloud drives” at the left pane, select your drive, type in your login details, and that’s all.

Functions of Multcloud Manager

There are lots of management actions you could perform with this tool; e.g, transfer files from one cloud drive to the other in one-click!

1. Cloud Transfer

Multcloud review

This is helpful if you want to transfer all your files from one cloud drive to another. It is actually easy and seamless;

  • Click the “Cloud Transferr” option at the top,
  • Select the directory where the file is currently saved
  • Now, choose the target directory where the file will be saved on the other drive
  • Click on “Transfer Now”

The process is intuitive as you move on.

Note: this method transfers the whole content of a particular cloud drive to another. At the end of the transfer, all files/documents/data in “dopitech” drive will move to “capon dropbox” drive.

2. Cloud Synchronization

online cloud management tool

This action synchronizes files in-between two cloud storage drives so that the file becomes available on both storages. To do this follow the steps below;

  • Toggle to the Cloud Sync tab
  • Choose between “one-way sync” or “two-way sync” – one-way sync. copies files from one drive to another while in two-way sync. files are copied to and from the two selected drives
  • Set a name for this action so you can easily get to it in case there be the need to do so
  • Click on “sync now

Note: unlike the Cloud Transfer, this function copies folders in-between selected drives. This means the files will still be available on both drives after the action.

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Other Features

Add Cloud: If you wish to add more accounts, you can use this option.

Cloud Explorer: This is where you’ll see all the cloud drives you’ve already added to this manager.

As a file manager

Interestingly, this web app functions a file manager that allows you to manage the files stored on your various cloud drives. Simply navigate to the “cloud explorer” tab, double tab to open any drive of your choice to access the files inside.

You will see checkboxes beside the files, tick the files you which to manage and then right-click your mouse to see the available management options.

multcloud file manager - one-click transfer

Also, from here, you can instantly copy/move files from that drive to another on in just one-click. On the left side, you can easily switch between cloud drives and access the files inside.

Finally, you could upload files directly to any cloud drive you have added to this web app. Simply open the drive where you want the file to be and click on the “upload” button on top.

What More?

MultCloud is very easy to use. You’re eligible to 2TB storage capacity on the basic/free account; if you need more space, then, you have to opt-in for an upgrade. The 2TB eligible space is the maximum amount of shared among all your cloud drives available on the app.

The pricing is friendly, plus, there are no system requirements for this tool to function; it is purely a web-based app for managing all your cloud drives. Also, you can add sub-accounts to yours (best for enterprises).

Your Turn

You have just read my MultCloud Review. Have you used any similar web-based app? or other online cloud management tool? share your opinions with me and other readers. Have a great day! 😎

Originally posted on October 19, 2018 @ 7:31 pm

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