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5 verified ways to open/play VOB files on Windows and Mac

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Are you curious? Have you been wondering what VOB Files are all about and how to open them? Well, this article explains all you need to know on how to play VOB files.

What is VOB File Format?

A VOB File is a media data file usually found in the root folder of copied DVDs. VOB files typically contain audios, videos, subtitles, and menu data. To open a VOB file, you need to use specific programs.

Interestingly, I have listed the possible ways to open/play VOB files on computer systems irrespective of the operating system.

How to Open/Play VOB files on Windows and Mac

Play VOB Files on Windows

1. Adobe Audition

This app is more than just a media player, it’s a comprehensive toolset that includes multitrack, waveform, and spectral display for creating, mixing, editing and restoring audio content. Adobe Audition supports a plethora of file formats, including .wav, .raw, .avi, .mov, and VOB files.

The software can also be used to edit, clean up, restore, convert, import, or export multiple file extensions. Adobe Audition will allow you to effortlessly handle VOB files and it is compatible with Windows OS.

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2. GOM Player

Inarguably, GOM player is a popular media player that supports many formats. The player has a nice interface that can be customized according to the user’s preference.

GOM player comprises of various built-in codec finder, which gives information about unsupported formats by scanning through the codec. Afterwards, the program leads you to a website where you can easily download the missing codec.

Furthermore,  GOM player supports media formats such as AVI, MP3, MP4, WMV, and VOB file formats.

3. VLC Media Player

Almost everybody knows about VLC – it is a free, open-source media player that’s available across platforms with support for multiple formats and codecs. The versatility of VLC is virtually unmatched, and it is really easy to use.

VLC Media Player is totally free with no hidden premium feature. It can playback VOB files on Windows and MacBooks seamlessly. It also has mobile versions for Androids, IOS, and Windows Phones. This player can act as a standard VOB player for your needs.

4. File Viewer Plus 3

If you want a universal file viewer, File Viewer can be your best choice. It can open over 300 file types. Apart from VOB files, this app also supports the regular video formats you could play on standard players.

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It supports more advanced settings and quite an intricate interface. I’d safely recommend this app for opening VOB files on computer systems.

5. Cyber link Power DVD

Power DVD is a popular media player used by millions of people globally. It provides a full suite package with advanced features that make media streaming easier and smoother. You will enjoy a wonderful experience using this program.

Plus, it acts as converter software with the ability to convert different files from one format to another. Power DVD is compatible with lots of formats, including MP4, MP3, JPEG, and VOB. More so, Power DVD supports 4K DVD format and many other great techs.


Apparently, this article has listed and explained how you could open and play VOB files on Windows and Mac. These software programs listed above are safe to use, and they all feature a user-friendly interface.

Originally posted on November 27, 2020 @ 9:46 pm

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