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PicWish App Review: Is This The Best Free Image Editor and Background Remover?

84 / 100
  • Ease of Usage
  • Image Editing Features
  • Background Removal
  • Price


PicWish comes in as an AI-powered image editing software and mobile application with quite many built-in tools for editing your photos. In the hands of a novice, the PicWish app can create stunning pictures because it is intuitive to use.


Who needs an image editor? Literally, everyone one does. Yeah, frequently or occasionally, we all post pictures on social media, and there are some of these pictures or images that may require an additional touch before being sent online. Of course, there are many image editing applications out there, and social media apps also have built-in editors, but, the need for a more professional image editor remains valid.

The PicWish app is one that helps you achieve almost – if not all – your image editing “wishes.” It’s a cross-platform application and does come with a plethora of handy features you’ll find handy. PicWish can remove backgrounds from your pictures without you having to upgrade to its premium version. It’s an interesting app, and here’s an honest review.

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PicWish App Overview

image 5 Dopi Techologies

PicWish comes in as an AI-powered image editing software and mobile application with many built-in tools for editing your photos. In the hands of a novice, the PicWish app can create stunning pictures because it is intuitive to use. Well, the app works with “Credits,” the more credits you have, the more picture edits you can do.

The PicWish app is also a useful tool for product photography, thanks to the AI tools and advanced background remover. More so, car dealerships, graphics designers, marketers, and even individual photo lovers can make use of PicWish. You may think this is only an image editing program, well, it can also remove backgrounds from your videos.

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  • Works with AI algorithms
  • Very easy to use
  • Available on any device you wish to use
  • Fast and efficient results


  • Lacks image editing features like effects, filter, transition, and the rest
  • A little bit expensive


Basically, PicWish comes with a lot of features and tools, but hereunder are the most important ones you should know about.

1. Background Remover

One of the most impressive features of PicWish is its free background removal tool. This tool lets you remove background from any picture or video file and it’s available on the app’s free version. PicWish background removal tool is also available on the app’s web version (no need to install the app) on your PC or smartphone.

2. Background Generator

Well, yeah, PicWish does not only remove backgrounds from your media files, it can also help you generate AI backgrounds. This feature is mostly important for product photography and portrait photographs.

3. Photo Enhancement

Blur photos? No problems. PicWish will attempt to detail your blurry photos and make them appear as clearer as possible. This photo enhancement process takes only a few seconds to complete and you have your detailed photo in front of you.

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4. Photo Enlargement and Compression

Here’s another impressive feature you get with PicWish. The app lets you enlarge or compress image files losslessly. This feature is accessible on the web version and client apps – it’s intuitive to use by anyone, regardless of whether the person is a novice.

5. Developer APIs

PicWish offers APIs for all its image editing tools to allow developers to integrate them into their apps. You can also run these APIs on websites. For developers, this feature of PicWish is a deal breaker, but then, the APIs are not free.


  • Operating System: Windows OS, macOS, Android OS, and iOS
  • RAM: at least 4GB
  • ROM: at least 200MB


While the PicWish app is advertised as a “free” software, it is actually not free. However, you get a free trial and a few “credits” to try out most of its tools as a new user. The paid plans of PicWish are as credits’ $45.95 for 1500 credits, $65.98 for 5700 credits, and $95.95 for 11k+ credits.

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How To Use PicWish App (To Remove Image Background)

Well, this is where it gets personal. Different people will have different things to do with the PicWish app. There are many things you can do with this app, but first things first, you have you download the app to your PC or mobile phone.

image 6 Dopi Techologies
  • Step One: Launch PicWish on your PC or use the web version, click on “Background Remover” on the app’s home page.
  • Step Two: Upload the image(s) you need to remove backgrounds from. You can upload as many photos as you wish.
  • Step Three: Select the image you want to change its background and click on “Start.” Wait for the image to be processed and you can choose any (new) plain color background.

Yes, it’s quite simple; if you need to crop, resize, or enhance your pictures, all you need to do is click on the corresponding tool when you launch PicWish on your device, then go ahead to upload the image file. The AI art generator runs on the web version and you need to be well-detailed with your description. Everything you’ll do with PicWish is all about choosing the respective tool, uploading your images, and then click on “Start.”

PicWish App Review

Honestly, the cross-platform availability of PicWish is one thing that makes the app really interesting. Also, it offers a web-app version for people who wouldn’t want to install any app on their PC or mobile. Well, PicWish checks all the boxes for a standard image editing application backed with AI algorithms.

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image 7 Dopi Techologies

The PicWish app is easy to understand and use – you probably won’t bother looking for a guide. But then, while the tools are all easily accessible, the pricing is a bit high. Also, the pricing pattern (credits) – while it is a good one – it would have been better if one could pay a certain amount and have unlimited credits for the period he/she is subscribed for.

Of course, the web app version is efficient too. It can be used to remove backgrounds, enhance image(s), and perform basic actions such as crop, cut, resize, compress, and “unblur.” I was able to use this app to retouch a few of my images, and the results were quite commendable. We are in the era of AI – it would have been surprising if PicWish never came with AI features.

What More?

Would I recommend the PicWish image editor app? Yes, very well. However, you should keep in mind that this is not a “Free” app. Yes, it does offer a few free credits to try out most of its tools, but those free credits are only but a very few. Nevertheless, PicWish is an ideal image editing app that lets you edit professional images for free.

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