Racksterli Review 2021: From Racksterly To Racksterli; Should You Trust Them Now?

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It was in the last quarter of 2019 when Racksterly came into play, and many people rushed to register on the platform. Also, towards the third quarter of 2020, Racksterly folded and left many people stranded. However, before the crash of Racksterly, the platform was really paying out some individuals – and looked LEGIT. Now, it’s “Racksterli,” a seemingly upgrade from Racksterly. As I did the last time, here’s my Racksterli review.

Racksterli Review: What You Should Know!

Racksterli Review 2021

Racskterli is an “Affiliate Marketing” platform with a distinctive approach. It is no doubt that many people use the internet daily for one purpose or another. Thus, this platform claims to help you monetize your regular online activities – promising up to 58% ROI.

The platform works just like Racksterly; you’re expected to pick up a plan, and then you’re faced with a task to share some content (sponsored adverts) on your social media pages, in return for a pre-defined fee. On Racksterli, the content you’ll be across the internet are actually “Paid Adverts” from companies, business, and brands.

Here’s the trick – some companies pay to run adverts on Racksterli, and then Racksterli pays you (from what they earned) for helping them get more activity on the adverts. It looks more like a win-win situation. But don’t forget, this was exactly was Racksterly was doing before it folded. So, what’s the fate of this recent platform – Racksterli?

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How To Register On Racksterli?

Registering on Racksterli is one very tricky and scary process. Yes, I said that because the platform does not support a “secured” payment gateway. Unlike “Racksterly” that has a straightforward registration process, Racksterli sign up registration process sees you through a scary process of having to contact either of their “Vendors” via WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp “Vendors” are listed on the site’s “Coupon Vendors” page. Without contacting any of the vendors to get a coupon code, you can’t register on Racksterli. Well, probably, the “Vendors” may be getting a cut from the registration fee you’d pay – pending the plan you chose.

However, according to the stats provided on the official Racksterli site, the current number of people that have registered on the platform is over 63k. You can join the number, but…

Racksterli Packages and Fees

There are about nine (9) different packages, with the least package starting at 14K and the highest package goes for 5M (FIve Million Naira). Below is a detailed chat for Racksterli pricing.

 Standard 14k$1.9 daily viral share
 $57 by the end of the month
 $3 per referral
Premium 28k$3.9 daily viral share
 $117 by the end of the month
 $8 per referral
Platinum 56k$7.8 daily viral share
 $234 by the end of the month
 $10.53 per referral
Gold 112k$15.6 daily viral share
 $468 by the end of the month
 $11.85 per referral
Diamond 280k$39 daily viral share
 $1170 by the end of the month
 $13.16 per referral
Ruby 560k$74.42 daily viral share
 $2232.6 by the end of the month
 $15.7 per referral
Emerald 1,120,000$148.25 daily viral share
 $4447.7 by the end of the month
 $18.4 per referral
Pearl 2,800,000 $366.45 daily viral share
 $10,993.5 by the end of the month
 $22.3 per referral
Jasper 5,000,000$647.36 daily viral share
 $19,420.8 by the end of the month
 $27.5 per referral
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Who Owns Racksterli?

Racksterli is owned by Michael Oti Chidiebere, a.k.a. BlackGold. The platform was launched in June 2020 with just two subscription packages; however, the platform now supports up to 9 packages.

Racksterli Office in Nigeria

Till date, I haven’t seen an official address for this company. However, their live support is via Instagram. Racksterli is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria’s no.1 commercial city, but with no official company address.

How To Make Money From Racksterli

You only need to complete your daily tasks, which means to share updates (paid adverts) on Facebook. The more you share, the more you earn. It can be possible to earn up to 100k or more from Racksterli, depending on the plan you subscribed to.

My Verdict About Racksterli Review

Racsterli actually pays (at least for the mean time). You can start with their standard plan of 14k, and then upgrade to any of their of their premium packages when you clarify your doubt. However, I’d advise that you search the internet for “Racksterli Review” and read as many opinions as you can.

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  1. having read through this dailybinaryhub’s racksterli review and yours at dopitech, i have come to realize that Racksterli has come to stay and it high time i start investing most of my capitals here admin what do you think about this my opinions please?

  2. Bruv…. it didn’t crashed that’s the end of racksterly again
    I invested over 500k+ am supposed to get my money yesterday but what they kept saying is that the site is under upgrade
    Same thing happened when it first crashed in 2019
    So to cut this short racksterly is not reliable and it’s scam
    I wonder why people like davido would collide with em to scam people that’s totally unfair the sponsors should be held responsible for this wicked act

    1. Well, celebrities (especially Nigerian celebrities) accept payment to promote anything at all – they don’t actually care if it’s legit or not.

      Regarding Rackserterli, I don’t advise people to invest in such platforms, if you read the article well, you’d notice I gave out warnings about this platform. However, I heard they moved to

    1. Yes, that’s how Ponzi schemes crash – it’s starts with their website not being available, and then gradually, they close down.

      That’s how Racksterly ended and same fate awaits Racksterli.

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