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Racksterly Review 2020: too good to be true? don’t be tricked

Almost every day, people go on the internet to look for how to make money online, and they typically end up being scammed. Well, I was once a victim until I broke out. However, just recently I came across a new platform called Racksterly Income Program; a platform that pays you to do simple stuff on social media (precisely Facebook). Well, not like it’s that simple anyway. I’m putting up this Racksterly review to guide everyone trying to get involved with the program.

Racksterly Review: Read Carefully!

Racksterly Review

Starting off, it looks good and enticing. Yeah, almost everyone that uses the internet has a Facebook account and there’s actually no way to earn money because you’re a Facebook user. But if you run ads on Facebook you can drive traffic/sales to your website. Now, Racksterly comes to help you monetize your Facebook account. The platform pays you some amount of money to share adverts on your Facebook profile. Nevertheless, it’s not like you’ll just share the adverts and get the money. No! the advert must attract impressions and even engagements for you to earn a dim.

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Also, irrespective of the number of engagements on your Racksterly link, you’ll be paid in repect to the plan you chose during sign up. Undeniably, Racksterly pays its users daily if they share links and the links are being clicked. Thus, it’s more like a win-win situation; you pay, get a link, share the link, get people to click on the link, and then get paid back. It seems like a merry go round, right? But, what if the final money earned is more than the subscription fee paid when signing up? That’s where you’re gaining it, bro. On the other hand, what if no one clicks on the links you’ve been sharing? That’s your loss, you know?

You still there?

Now the big deal. You can’t post more than once in a day; this means that you can only share one link to your Facebook friends and followers every day. This is why you must be careful to ensure that what you’re about to share is something that would be appealing to your FB friends and followers; thus, pushing them to hit the link and get some $$ into your Racksterly account. Unfortunately, you will have to renew your account subscription every 30 days, notwithstanding if you made up to the amount or not. Well, this is my Racksterly review; I wish to read about yours too, but before then, let’s keep the dice rolling.

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The good sides of Racksterly Income Program

  • If you share what your Facebook friends and followers find interesting, they’d click on the link and you’ll earn from Racksterly
  • The platform is not a get rich quick medium, it takes time and engagement to earn
  • It is a secure platform (at least as at the time of writing this article)
  • You will only share one link per day; thus, you won’t litter your FB profile because you want to share many links and get many clicks
  • Responsive customer support
  • Referring up to six people gives you a free 30-day subscription at the expiration of your current subscription.

The bad sides of Racksterly

  • You must subscribe before you can start sharing
  • The least subscription plan is $18
  • You have to renew the subscription every 30 days; what if you couldn’t make up to that amount because you didn’t get clicks?

How to sign up and get started

Honestly, I love the signup procedures; it’s straightforward and easy. Simply visit and enter your basic credentials, such as your names, email, phone number, and create a password. A confirmation code would be sent to your email, copy the code and continue the registration. After registration, you’ll have to go through an account setup process where you’ll have to choose your country, add your bank account, connect a Facebook account, choose a plan and pay to activate/access your account dashboard.

Racksterly Pricing

Racksterly Pricing

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The minimal plan goes for $18. Below is Racksterly price chat alongside the features/benefits you’ll get. Frankly, on my own opinion, I think there should be a free trial plan for new users who are still in doubt and need strong conviction.

Plan Dew Drizzle Storm Typhoon
Price $18 $25 $45 $75
Daily cap $1.2 $1.8 $3.5 $5.6
Sub. Duration 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days

How to get my earnings from Racksterly Income Program?

You must add your bank account number while signing up. The bank account is where you’ll receive your earnings from the Racksterly program. However, remember that without getting clicks on your links on Facebook, Racksterly won’t credit your account and you must have to strife to hit the threshold before the expiration of your subscription in 30 days. All earning are to be withdrawn on the 29th day, prior to the 30th day when your subscription expires.

What more?

Obviously, I know you’ll have a lot of questions to ask about the Racksterly income program. Well, the company did well to publish extensive articles to clear all your doubts. Read Racksterly’s FAQ. I’ll include some in this my Racksterly Review.

Some Racksterly’s Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer and get bonus?

You don’t actually get paid for referring people to use Racksterly. Instead, you’ll be rewarded by getting an additional 30-day free for referring up to six (6) people who must have fully registered to a higher plan or the same plan you’re, currently.

Why must you pay to share people’s links on your Facebook profile?

When things are available for free, many people will abuse the opportunity. Also, Facebook advertising policies are quite strict and Racksterly is trying not to infringe any of these policies.

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Can i share more than one link?

Of course, sharing multiple links will spam your FB profile page and many friends may just start getting pissed off. Everything has to be done with discipline and that’s why Racksterly lets you share just once per day.

Where and when can i withdraw?

You can withdraw your earnings to any Nigerian bank and the date to withdraw is on the 29th day of your subscription. After you initiate a withdrawal request, it takes some hours for the funds to arrive in your local bank account.


Racksterly (at this time) is secured enough and if you’re confident of getting click on the links you’ll share, then it’s a good platform to make money for yourself. This Racksterly review is my sincere opionion and insights on how the income program really works.

Originally posted on April 25, 2020 @ 3:38 pm

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