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How To Remove Spam Backlinks to Your Site [Explained]

Before deciding to put up this content, I searched various keywords relating to this topic. I wasn’t really content with the results I got. How do I remove spammy backlinks to my site? how to reduce my site’s Spam Score? Remove spam backlinks from my site? how to reduce spam backlinks? Looking up these keywords on Google or any other search engine will give you the same search results. Nevertheless, I researched to understand that asides disavowing those spammy backlinks, the alternative best way to reduce your website spam score is by contacting the site admin of the website that’s passing the spammy backlink to your site. What to do when you contact them? Tell them to remove your link(s).

Does my website spam score has anything to do with its ranking?

100% NO!!! yes, you get that?! I said NO. Your website spam score has nothing to do with your rankings. This is because Spam Score is not calculated by Google; it is an SEO metrics by Moz and Moz is not a search engine. Thus, irrespective of your website’s spam score, your site will rank well if you have quality articles/content and run optimizations for search engines. Focus on your Domain Rating (DR), Domain Authority (DA), and Trust Flow (TF); these are the core SEO metrics you should never joke with.

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How did my website get spam backlinks?

Some people link to your site naturally – you don’t have to pay them for that. Maybe they found your article to be a useful resource for their audience to get more knowledge pertaining to their topic; thus, they link to your site from theirs. However, some of these sites may have already accumulated high spam scores. So, by linking to you, they pass the spammy link juice to your site.

Another possible reason why your site is getting spam backlinks is probably that you purchased a backlinks service from some of those freelance SEO guys on Fiverr or SEOclerks. Yeah, those guys will flood your side with lots of spam backlinks. This can lead to the result you’re seeing. Nevertheless, whatever caused your website spam score to get so high that you expected or wanted, I think this article would come in handy.

How does high spam score affect my website?

The major reason why you should think towards reducing your website spam score is that, when your spam score is high, it may repel advertisers, marketers, and other potential visitors to the site. Asides marketing and advertising purposes, a high spam score has nothing bad against your site. But it has a way of “scaring” some people away from the site when it comes to business.

Frequently asked questions

What is google website spam checker “tool”

Google does not have a tool for checking website spam scores. The most reliable website spam checking tool is from Moz.

Will my spam score affect my website on google?

Moz and Google don’t share data – your spam score is calculated by Moz, so it has nothing to do with how Google rank your site.

How to remove spam backlinks to my site

Simply contact the admins of the sites that are sending the spammy links to your site, and ask them to remove your link(s)

How to reduce my website spam score

In my suggestion, the best way to reduce website spam score is by getting new DoFollow backlinks from high-authority sites that have very low spam scores. This can be stressful. But, the more new links you get from high-authority sites with less than 4% spam score, the lesser your spam score becomes.

What is the solution to a website with high spam score?

Many experts advise that you disavow the links to change how Google sees your website. Disavowing the backlinks doesn’t mean you have deleted the links.

My advice if you want to remove spam backlinks

how to remove spam backlinks

Removing spammy links is quite stressful. The most valid way to do that is to use a tool such as Ubersuggest (By Neil Patel), or Moz, or SEMRUSH.

What will you do with these tools?

Search for backlinks to your site and export the result; alternatively, you can copy the websites that have high spam score(SS) and yet linking to your site. The essence of copying the sites is to check their stats using other SEO tools. There are some websites that have high Spam Score, yet they pass very good link juice to your site.

For example, Fiver has a Spam Score of 47% according to Mozbar. But if you’re able to get a DoFollow backlink from Fiverr, your site rankings/metrics will definitely boost.

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So, what am I implying?

Copy down does sites and check for their Domain Rating (DR), Domain Authority (DA), and Trust Flow (TF).

Domain Rating is checked by Ahref –
Domain Authority – I know that you know how to check it
Trust Flow is checked by Majestic SEO –

If the sites have poor/low ratings on these tools – contact their admins and ask them to remove your link(s) from their sites; however, you have to do that in a polite way.

In contrast, if the sites show high scores on these metrics – trust me, removing your links from those sites will send your rankings very down.

So, if the sites have high ratings, leave the links. Instead, try to build new links from sites with low spam scores. The more (new) DoFollow links you get from low spam sites, your spam score will gradually be going down.

Let me tell this simply trick – the three tools I mentioned above are the core SEO tools. Their metrics are what you should be concerned, not Spam Score.

Final words

A website spam score is considered by marketers, advertisers, and other site owners. It is NOT a ranking factor for search engines. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t overlook, but monitor your site’s spam score so that it doesn’t get so high and people would start seeing your site as trash or an unsincere site.

Mozbar website spam score checker

The best way to keep in check with your site’s spam score is to activate MozBar; it is an SEO tool that helps you to quickly view/monitor a site’s PA, DA, and Spam Score.

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