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Top (5) best online jobs for college students with no experience

Literally, you need to acquire some level of experience before getting employed for a job, irrespective of whether it is a remote job or such that needs your physical presence in the office. But, for most students, they do not have any level of...

These sites help to summarize long articles and essays

Not everyone enjoys reading long articles – to me, it mostly gets boring once I’m done with the first 500 words. However, if it is a “how-to” or DIY guide, I wouldn’t mind spending the whole day trying to understand...

Top 10 best free note-taking apps 2020

For many reasons, you may want to jot down a quick note from a meeting or event. Sometimes it is stressful to get out your book and pen and jot down your note; thus, a virtual notebook comes in handy. The best free note-taking apps for Android and...

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