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SubscriberPlace Review: an additional income source for blogger and marketers?

Although social media is there to connect people with other people across the globe; there are some professional platforms you need to join as a blogger or marketer. SubscriberPlace is a professional channel where you can create a business or personal profile and let people pay to view your updates. It is a great place for skilled-professionals, celebrities, bloggers, and marketers. Here’s my SubscriberPlace review and how you can use the platform to earn monthly.

What is SubscriberPlace?

Subscriber and Place – SubscriberPlace, unlike social media platforms, is a platform where anybody can create an account to offer services to interested viewers at a subscription fee. Creating an account on SubscriberPlace is free of charge; whether you’re creating a business profile or personal profile. Also, at SubscriberPlace, viewers will have to pay monthly subscription fees to keep viewing updates from different profiles. Also, the platform allows its users to post text updates, media updates, as well as uploading documents.

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On SubscriberPlace, what you do is simply offer compelling services or relevant tips that would push readers to subscribe to your page. It’s that simple as it sounds, but it’s actually difficult to gain lots of subscribers to your page. Furthermore, SubscriberPlace charges readers some cents as they pay to subscribe to your page; thus, you have to consider the subscription price to your page to make sure a reader is paying a fair price to read your articles, documentaries, and media.

How to create a SubscriberPlace profile

It’s quite very simple, just like ConnectPal, all you need is to visit the website – and signup using your names and email. Once your account is created, you can start publishing your content immediately. However, you should use an email that’s still accessible, because you’ll need to click on a verification link sent to the email to complete registration. It doesn’t take up to 30 minutes to completely register on SubscriberPlace.

How does SubscriberPlace Work?

If you’ve heard of ConnectPal, this is simply an alternative platform. SubscriberPlace works exactly as ConnectPal as a platform for creators and readers. You publish articles, digital contents, audios, videos, etc. and people are asked to pay before viewing those of your uploads. Since SubscriberPlace allows text, audio, video, documents, and images, it promises to be a friendly place for everyone; most especially, bloggers and marketers. 

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More so, you can easily edit any section of your profile by clicking on the settings (gear) icon, and you can change your profile’s subscription price at any time. However, it is important to note that even though you have a SubscriberPlace page where people subscribe monthly to view your updates, you’ll also have to pay/subscribe to view updates from other people’s pages.

SubscriberPlace Review 2020

SubscriberPlace Review

No doubt, SubscriberPlace is a good place for bloggers, digital creators, and businesses. It creates an avenue for anyone to earn additional income by providing special services to a lot of people using the platform. The platform allows you to open an account for free and start earning immediately. However, the major problem of using this platform is the subscription price. You can’t just expect someone to pay up to $50 to view what you regularly publish on your SubscriberPlace profile page. Also, the additional charge attached by SubscriberPlace is significantly a concern.

Nevertheless, all in all, SubscriberPlace is a comfortable side-hustle for most bloggers, and a good place for celebrities, as well as various businesses.

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SubscriberPlace Pricing

Subscription Price SubscribePlace Service Fee 
$10 or less $1.99
$11 – $20 $2.99
$21 & above 15% of the subscription price

From the table above, if your page subscription fee is $10 or less, SubscriberPlace will add a service charge of $1.99 making the price $11.99. In the same way, if your profile fee is more than $10 and less than $20, then the service charge is $2.99. 

How to get paid by SubscriberPlace

Your SubscriberPlace profile is expected to make up to $200 in a month before you can be paid. If your page doesn’t make a minimum of $200 in a month, you’re not going to receive any payment. Also, payments are sent to profile owners who were able to reach the benchmark within the last 3 days of each calendar month.

SubscriberPlace payouts are based on the number of active subscribers to your page. Also, note that your subscribers won’t be asked to pay if you’re on vacation mode.


This is my SubscriberPlace review. The platform is owned by the same company that owns ConnectPal. It is a place to learn skills or teach skills. Also, SubscriberPlace is a place to upsell your services, and finally, it is a place to make additional income.

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Originally posted on April 25, 2020 @ 1:03 pm

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