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6 Tips On How To Host Successful Remote Business Meetings

The 2019/2020 Coronavirus pandemic made most business owners and CEOs understand the importance of online business meetings. Virtually all businesses were shut down, globally, except for some important ones such as delivery SPs, medics, and some other ones. However, it is important to note down these tips, as they’d help for holding better remote meetings for various purposes.

Virtual, Online, or Remote Business Meetings

Irrespective of the term used – these three phrases (remote business meetings, virtual business meetings, and online business) point to one meaning, which is, hosting business meetings through a virtual space.

For example, during a pandemic, people have no choice but to work from home; thus, having remote business meetings turns the best way for employees to connect with each other, Also, if the employer, CEO, or director has a message to pass across, he/she can do that via online business meetings. Simply put, remote business meetings are the only solution to limitless business continuity. Here are the 6 failsafe tips for holding successful online business meetings.

Tips for Remote Business Meetings

remote business meetings

1. Select a Cross-Platform Remote Access Tool

First things first, the chairman hosting the remote business meeting has to identify the remote access tool to be used for the online meeting. Most importantly, it is advisable to go for a cross-platform remote access tool, so that every prospective participant will be able to install the tool on his/her device or computer.

Tools like Skype, AnyDesk, TeamViewer, Zoom, etc. are perfect for remote video conferences or meetings.

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2. Notify All Participants Priory

Also, participants should always be advised to mute their mic when they’re not speaking; this is to avoid background noise from their environment to disrupt the meeting. Similarly, participants should be conscious of their mic and activate (unmute) the mic when they want to voice out their opinions during an online business meeting.

You have to inform everyone that will be engaging in the remote business meeting. At least, tell them about the meeting 24 hours before the time. This will help them to prepare, as well as ready their tools for the meeting.

3. Tech Troubleshooting (Check Your Tools)

By tech troubleshooting, I mean to say that you should check the tools you’ll be using for the online meeting. Check if your PC mic is functional, your internet connection stability, video streaming set up (for video business meetings), etc. All these checks/troubleshooting should be done 15 minutes to the actual virtual meeting time.

Note: your internet connection is one of the main things you should check for. Try to fix/troubleshoot any of the abovementioned techs if they failed to respond rapidly.

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4. Simple Presentations, Formal Dress Code

When sharing your screen or presentation, ensure that the slides simple to understand. This will help other participants to grasp the main points quickly. Also, if the virtual business meeting is hosted as a video meeting, it is advisable for all participants to dress formally. Most importantly, participants must learn to comport themselves while in remote video meetings and also be cautious of their body language while in front of the camera.

5. Clean Up Your Environment

A few minutes before the meeting kick starts, ensure that your surrounding (where you’ll be sitting to engage in the meeting) is clean and free from background noise. This is essential as background noise could limit you from hearing the audio from the remote business meeting. Additionally, if you have a sound-proof room in your house, stay inside the room for the meeting’s sake.

Also, to avoid unprecedented sound notification from smartphones, participants should disable notifications on their smartphone(s). Turning on DND may just be the best way to shelve unnecessary smartphone notifications.

6. Record The Meeting

Recording each meeting done remotely is strongly advised. The recorded clip can always come in handy in future times; either as a reference or a proof source. Nevertheless, some remote meeting tools allow participants to write down points during a meeting, but recording remains the best approach.

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Final Words

Adhering to these tips would definitely lead to successful remote business meetings. Also, these tips were crafted from professionals’ thoughts on holding successful meetings online. The most important is an active and steady internet connection. Other important factors include eliminating background noise and making your presentations straight to the point.

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Originally posted on June 13, 2020 @ 9:55 am

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