Top 4 Types of Tonneau Auto Covers & How To Choose

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Looking to pack up your truck’s bed after a busy work week or an unforgettable vacation? Auto seat covers would help to protect your vehicle and keep it entirely safe. In shopping for auto seat covers, Tonneau has some of the best and reliable options out there. Auto covers are among the best accessories to get for your car.

Tonneau Auto Covers Review

tonneau auto covers

These are the different categories of Tonneau Covers you should consider getting for cars and trucks.

Roll-Up Covers

Soft roll-up covers are one of the most affordable, compact solutions for protecting your truck. Hook and loop or snaps on rails on the sides of your truck bed hold these water-resistant covers in place. Once you’re done, simply roll them up for an out-of-the-way storage option.

Hard roll-up covers are more expensive but offer far more durability. This style is similar to a retractable cover but may not have a protective case or sleek operation.

Folding Covers

Another straight-forward option is a folding cover. Choose a soft folding cover for budget-friendly protection. A hard folding cover keeps your items safe from heavy rain; however, this type of auto cover is bulkier and more difficult to store. A truck bed cover with a toolbox keeps your tools and materials safely stored and organized.

Hinged Covers

It can be difficult to find a roll-up or folding cover that matches the color of your truck. Hinged covers are a solid piece of hard fiberglass or other material. They use innovative hinges to easily open and close, allowing you to securely store your belongings without compromising the style of your truck.

Once closed, a hinged cover creates a flawless look for your truck. The top panel can match the color and style of the side panels of your truck bed, creating an OEM look for this aftermarket accessory. Other hinged covers are flat and offer a durable surface to secure other loads.

When it’s time to remove your hinged cover, you may need some assistance. These tonneau covers are bulkier and more difficult to store than other options so they aren’t the best choice if you’re going to be removing and re-installing your cover frequently.

Retractable Covers

These rugged covers are like garage doors for your truck bed. A sturdy box opposite your tailgate stores your retractable cover to protect it from rust or fading. Retractable covers are some of the more expensive options available, but they are well worth the investment. Many include locking features and use durable materials to secure your belongings.

How To Choose the Right Cover for Your Truck

Consider your budget, truck type, and typical load before choosing tonneau covers. Some are best suited for occasional use, while others are difficult to remove and replace, making them suitable for continuous protection.

Soft auto covers are typically more affordable than hard alternatives. They take up less space when removed and are easier to manage on your own. Unfortunately, they are also easier to tear and may not offer the same level of water resistance.

Covers come in many lengths and widths, so compare tonneau cover dimensions online to find the right protection for your vehicle. Get to work or head out on your vacation with a tri-fold bed cover, retractable cover, or other popular option ordered online and delivered right to your door.

Originally posted on November 21, 2020 @ 9:44 am

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