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Top 5 tech gadgets you should have Now

The world has advanced a lot and for one to stay on the track you need some tech gadgets around you at all time. As the years go by, new tech innovations erupt making life easier and fun to live.

There are undoubtedly insurmountable gadgets one should consider having, but amongst all these gadgets there are core ones to consider first. Agreed? Now, which are those ones you should consider first?

In this article today, I’ll be listing the top 5 Tech gadgets you should consider first then others can come in after.

Disclaimer: This list is based on my own personal experience so far with tech innovations and is likely to differ from your own best 5 tech gadgets to consider first. you can contribute to this article by commenting your opinion below via the comment section.

Here are the Tech Gadgets

Number One: Smartphones

Yeah, a smartphone should be the very first gadget you should have; it opens you open to lots of resources. They are the most portable mobile accessory at this moment and you would also agree with me when i refer to them as Tiny Computers that fits into our pocket comfortably.

Before you go on and get yourself a smartphone, first, you have to consider the OS (Operating System) – iOS or Android? Android is the most popular WHILE iOS is seen as the most superior.


an Android Smartphone?

If you choose to go for an Android-powered smartphone, it’s a great choice and you’d never regret it; there are quite a lot of super High-end Android smartphones of recent.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro Tecno Camon CM

I would pick the Samsung Note 8 if i were to take on Android and for the low-income earners, I’d recommend Xiaomi Redmi Note 5Pro or Tecno Camon CM.

Device Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Tecno Camon CM
OS Android Nougat (7.1) Android Nougat (7.1) Android Nougat (7.0)
SIM Single or Dual Dual SIM Dual SIM
Screen Size 6.3” 5.99” 5.7”
Chipset Qualcomm, Snapdragon Qualcomm, Snapdragon MTK MT6737
ROM 128GB 64GB 16GB
Camera Dual 12MP Dual 12MP +5MP Rear 13MP
Camera 8MP 20MP secondary 13MP
Fingerprint Yes Yes Yes
Battery 3300mAh 4000mAh Li-Ion 3000mAh
Price $923.00 $246.00 $130.00


What about an iPhone?

iPhone X

iPhones are premium smartphones, many tech users have rated iPhones above Android devices. Although iPhones are more expensive than Android smartphones, it’s good you have one as a tech lover (Probably to know why it is rated above Android ;D 😉 8) ). You can get one from various online stores or e-commerce websites.


Number Two: Smart wrist-watch or Bracelet

A smart wristwatch or bracelet is a wearable tech gadget one should have; they’ll be with you at all time and can help you get through tough tasks we do encounter most times.

Smart Bracelet
Waterproof Wrist Spy Watch

It is a must-have for private investigators; the spy camera, motion sensor, and recording functions packed by these gadgets go along way while handling an investigation task or home surveillance.

You can search out for the most convenient/suitable one for yourself on AliExpress or Amazon, there are extremely cheap ones; so you’d be spending much to have a wearable tech gadget.



Number Three: Virtual Reality Gadgets

Virtual reality gadgets are among the must-have gadgets for a tech lover. They stimulate a realistic experience making you see things in actual reality or Sci-fi. Virtual reality technology uses headsets, multi-projected environments or combination with physical props in order to create realistic sounds, images, and sensations that simulates the user’s physical presence in an imaginary or virtual environment.

Virtual reality

With a VR Tech gadget, you can explore the artificial world and interact with virtual features or items. You can possibly get a Virtual Reality Gadget on Amazon for a little token and start exploring the artificial world.

Number Four: Personal Computer

Of course in this recent time even a kiddie needs a PC; although smartphones are capable of handling most tasks we can do with a PC, the advancement of computers over mobile devices is undeniable.

There are cheap computers in various online stores and cheaper ones on deal days and promo days like the 11/11 shopping day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday; you can take advantage of this and get yourself a top-class PC at a very cheap price.

HP 15.6-Inch HD Touchscreen Laptop

With a computer, you can now access lots of premium softwares and packages which will get you acquainted with the latest technology trends – Virtual Reality, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Also, with your PC, you can start developing mobile applications, conduct webinars, improve on I.T and so on.

Conclusively, every tech lover should have a PC (Laptop/Desktop) so as to be able to meet up with the profuse tech innovation erupting on a daily basis.

Bluetooth Audio Speakers

Here is another important tech gadget but mostly for music lovers. Music helps us get off some certain things that may mar our happiness/comfort at a particular time. Having a good Bluetooth audio speaker beside you will keep your spirit lit and positive for a whole day.

A gadget like the UE Boom 2 defines everything about Bluetooth audio speakers. It is loud, portable, waterproofed, well detailed and portable.You can get one for yourself online or at top offline sales points around your vicinity.


There are so many tech gadgets available in various stores and sales point but i choose to select these five(5) as the most important ones because every other one evolve around them; i.e; other tech gadgets rely on this one to function effectively.

You can add to this list by commenting your best tech gadget at the comment area, i might add it to the list when next I’ll be updating it. Kindly share this post with your friends and colleagues, do have a Nice DAY!

Originally posted on September 26, 2018 @ 10:52 am

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