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20 Top Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Brand Awareness

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Social Media is the place to go if you want to reach millions or even billions of people. Interestingly, there are many social media platforms you can choose for brand awareness. More so, in the digital world of today, you can download any content you see on top social media sites. This way, you can download advert videos of your competitors and improve on them for your own advert(s).

One way to download contents of different formats from these sites is to use online video downloaders, and the 4Hub downloader tools work well for this purpose. There are other good online tools to download stuff from Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms.

Top Social Media Sites For Business Adverts and Brand Awareness

These top social media sites have hundreds of millions of daily active users; hence, they are a perfect choice for brand awareness.

Top social media sites for brand awareness

1. Facebook

Almost everyone on the internet uses Facebook. Companies can contact individuals through parties, pages, and marketing with 2.6 billion daily active members. Networking through groups is the greatest option, but you can also use sponsored advertisements that you can read all over their website

2. Instagram

The social networking site has a daily average user base of One billion people. Instagram attracts shoppers even though it is simple to start up a store with your items on the site. Using built-in tools like tales and reels, marketing becomes enjoyable and straightforward. 

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3. TikTok

By 2022, TikTok Videos will make up 85% of the worldwide internet, and TikTok has pushed it a step further by establishing its subculture. It boasts a weekly user base of approximately 1 billion people who watch short clips. Thanks to this service, companies are utilizing hashtags to develop challenges that include dancing, lip-syncing, make-up new challenges, and more. If associated with, it may offer your image a significant boost.

4. YouTube

The platform combines a search tool alongside social networks and boasts 5 billion daily video views. Furthermore, YouTube videos are responsible for 80 percent of B2B and B2C businesses’ interactions, hits, and transactions. Before buying a product, the consumer may ask a question and then understand the brand through brand films. 

5. Twitter

Twitter is notorious for its highly talkative tweets concerning everything. Such a support stream might offer real-time assistance with a direct connection between the customer and a live human 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It gives your image a lift by demonstrating to the 184 million engaged customers that you understand and are available every day.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat has a regular user base of 228 million people. This site is one of the unique visitors among online media networks. This application is comparable to Insta in that it allows users to share daily updates and images. Using daily pictures and the tales feature may help you gain notice.

7. Reddit

Reddit’s 2 billion monthly active users may vote down or up upon Reddit articles, hyperlinks, and facts related to various topics. Clients are more inclined to communicate with you, but if they believe they are chatting to an individual, establishing a username containing your sector and an individual’s identity is advised. Subreddit subject inquiries make it simple to target certain audiences.

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8. Pinterest

Pinterest has been the social networking equivalent of a huge bulletin screen. Visitors can ‘pin’ things from those other people’s boards from their own. Customers will utilize group queries to discover you, so make sure you select the correct area to enhance your image.

9. LinkedIn

Whenever specialists would like to interact with other experts, locate clients, or have customers seek them, they usually go to this. LinkedIn now has a membership of 680 million people. It’s a fantastic opportunity for B2B companies. You’d like to share useful material.

10. Telegram

Telegram has a user base of 500+ million people. The chat software is similar to WhatsApp messages because it allows people to communicate for free. Having the ability to form teams is a tool that may help a brand grow. This ability enables companies to tailor the message, promotional deals, and goods to certain groups.

11. Tumblr

Tumblr is known for its hyper-specific posts. It is the oldest microblog among the online platforms, yet it is extremely mainstream, creating 70 million postings every day. Utilize pictures or Images for the most visibility, as message-based postings are frequently disregarded.

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12. MeWe

In the first quarter of 2021, MeWe grew by 33%. MeWe’s userbase is still tiny compared to certain other online platforms, but it gives companies a great chance to distinguish themselves. You may make it easier for users to discover you by establishing a MeWe company page. Participating and engaging in MeWe communities can help to bring awareness to your business in a non-obtrusive way.

13. Twitch

It is an online networking network for video game players. Influencer branding is the most effective approach to seeing your business by over 16 million everyday active consumers.

14. Quora

Users wouldn’t want to go overboard with the advertising here. Rather, monitoring and connecting with the 250 million active monthly users of the Reddit-like online media site is the greatest approach to offer your business a lift. It is a simple question-and-answer forum wherein you may share your knowledge on various topics.

15. WeChat

WeChat has a quarterly user base of 3.21 billion people. This software has a small calendar, chat features, a news stream, and in-app purchasing. To stand out on this mobile application, you’ll need to offer high-quality content plus loyalty programs.

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16. Clubhouse

The Clubhouse application is a form of social media that only allows you to listen to music. Demand a bunch of buzz and celebrity appearances. That’s an invitation to join the event, giving it a sense of distinction. It presently has only 1.5 million monthly daily members. You’ll have to pay close respect to the specifics in this application to maximize your brand recognition, including providing essential facts.

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17. Racket

It is a tape-recorded social networking platform analogous to Clubhouse. However, this particular social media app has the feel and sound of a podcast with shorter audio snippets. The Racket App is like a cross between Twitter as well as Clubhouse. There, natural engagement through replies and postings is necessary.

18. Whatsapp

What’s App is comparable to popular social networking sites like Fb and Insta in terms of functionality. Brands may engage with and connect with their followers by using groups, narratives, and broadcasts. They also offer a business-only Whatsapp that allows consumers to reach the firm directly.

19. Meetup

The Meetup application functions similarly to a relatively small-town newspaper, allowing you to locate others who share your hobbies and join up electronically either in-person—authentic interaction and knowledge wherever required are the keys to achievement on just this digital media site.

20. Weibo

There are 243 million internet users here on this particular social networking platform. Working with only an expert and using a range of sponsored advertisements, including landing pages and Followers Stories, are great methods to get into the hearts of consumers.


These top social media sites for brand awareness are places you can run adverts that’d yield good results. Any other thing? Leave a comment below.

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