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7 compelling reasons why you need a mobile app for your business

The positive impact of having a mobile app for your businesses cannot be overemphasized. Mobile apps have become one of the formidable tools for business growth and reaching the right audience. You may think it is only the big businesses that need a mobile app, but it not so, many small and medium scale businesses have started developing mobile apps for their businesses, and you shouldn’t be left out.

In a time like this, when virtually every kid and adult uses a smartphone, having a mobile app for your business can help you reach out to more people. Below, I have drafted some compelling reasons why you MUST create a mobile app for your business.

Importance of mobile apps in the modern business environment – FAQ

Does my business need a mobile app?

Virtually all businesses need a mobile app, even blogs and commercial websites also need mobile apps. Mobile apps create a friendly environment for customers/visitors to engage with your articles, products, services, etc.

I have a responsive business website, do I still need a mobile app?

Although your business website design is very responsive on mobile, you still need a mobile app. The reason is that mobile apps serve for various purposes, including marketing purposes.

Is a mobile app important for a small business?

Irrespective of your business size, mobile apps are beneficial to all businesses. Hence, I have carefully drafted these reasons that will convince you on why you should have a mobile app for your SME business.

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Reasons why you should have a mobile app for your Business

1. Helps in brand awareness

Mobile apps help in growing your brand’s awareness in the sense that after developing the app, you upload it to different app stores where it will appear in various search results; this will cause more people to see your app and not just that, they may try to see what the app offers; thereby installing the app and accessing your contents, products, or services.

2. Mobile apps help to optimize business processes

Interestingly, mobile apps can help to minimize various steps to access specific pages on your business website (when a web browser is used). Also, you can create a special app for your employees and have them work together virtually from anywhere they are; this can be achieved by developing an interactive app that will allow file sharing and monitoring.

3. Stay in the loop with your competitors

It won’t be obvious that your competitors already have mobile apps for their businesses, don’t wait until you’re the only one left to have a mobile app. More interestingly, many companies and businesses don’t see mobile apps as a necessary business tool. Therefore, stealing the opportunity to be among the first businesses to have a mobile app can help you to secure a good lead, as well as stay abreast of the latest innovations in your industry/niche.

4. Increase in customer engagement and loyalty

Mobile apps can help to grow your customers’ engagement when the app is neatly designed and responsive. This connotes that there are some important things you need to know about mobile app development. You should add some features such as chatbots or other messaging/feedback features to allow your customers to say their opinions about your business. Thus, mobile apps can be a perfect way to receive customer feedback, which will in-turn increase your customers’ loyalty.

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5. Apps help to grow your ROI

Any platform that promises to help increase your ROI should definitely capture your interest. Reports have proved that mobile apps assure a favorable return on investment on any amount you spend to develop the app.

6. Create a new marketing channel

Digital marketing is vast, and mobile apps create a more comfortable channel for marketing purposes. Mobile apps can be designed to provide diverse information to an audience; mobile apps bring every info a customer would ever want to know about your business/website to his/her fingertips. With the many features that can be integrated into a mobile app, it proves to be an all-comprehensive platform for marketing.

7. A new channel to generate more income

Through in-app ads, you will integrate on your business app, you’ll be able to generate more revenue as the app users view or click on the ads. Also, you can sign-up to run native adverts on your App and generate more money.

Advantages of mobile apps over business websites

Having a website for your business is definitely compulsory if you’re a modern business owner. Nevertheless, while it is advisable to have a business website, it is equally advisable to have a business mobile app. Below are the few advantages of mobile apps over business websites.

  • Mobile apps can be designed to load without an active internet connection on the mobile device, but websites can never be accessed without having an active internet connection.
  • A lot of features can be integrated into a business mobile app to help grow the parent business. Unlike websites which must not be overloaded with features, so as to remain responsive when accessed on mobile devices.
  • Mobile apps create additional revenue generation source for your business

What more?

There are quite other reasons why you need a mobile app for your business. However, these seven reasons outlined in this article are likely the most compelling ones. Competitions are becoming intense and you should employ all possible means to keep being in front while growing and retaining your customers’ trust.

Furthermore, you can use an app cost calculation to see the total amount you’ll have to spend to create a mobile app for your business. Interestingly, this intuitive app cost calculator can help you evaluate quite a lot of factors for designing a business mobile app; such as platform, security, media, UX features, number of users, time estimate, and more.

Originally posted on April 27, 2020 @ 8:21 am

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