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Top 5 Best Football/Soccer Games 2023

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Over the years, football/soccer has grown to be one of the most watched sports on the planet and that is why it is called “The Beautiful Game”. With the constant introduction of advanced and highly sophisticated video game consoles since the dawn of the 21st century, football/soccer games have been one the most played video games in the world.

To provide gamers with premium satisfaction, football games are renewed with new-enticing features every year. Looking for the best football/soccer games in 2023? There are lots of football games available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, mobile phones, and even PCs. These games aim at providing users with optimum satisfaction but only a few of these games provide such. Below are some of the best football/soccer games of 2023

Top Best Football/Soccer Games 2023

1. FIFA 23

fifa 23 featured Dopi Techologies

EA Sports FIFA games have been at the top of virtual football in recent years after knocking out its biggest rival eFootball (then PES) and since then have always been found at the top of the bestsellers list every year.
FIFA 23 a.k.a FIFA Mobile in mobile phones entails more than 18,000 professional footballers and about 700 professional clubs.

FIFA has online, offline, and career-driven modes. It has a training mode too, where you can improve your players’ abilities. You can play FIFA 23 with your friend(s) because of its multiplayer feature, or you can play the legendary Pro Clubs mode, where you can live out your dream as a global superstar. You can play FIFA 23 on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Windows, and FIFA Mobile on mobile phones.

Get FIFA 23 or FIFA Mobile 0n Play Store | App Store | Xbox | PlayStation | Nintendo Switch

2. eFootball 2023

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You might have guessed it! eFootball (formerly Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) or Winning Eleven in Japan) Konami’s free-to-play football game comes next. Although it was filled with bugs at launch including invisible players and pancake refs, it’s gradually becoming a contender for the top spot. There are lots of live events and seasonal content in eFootball, such as based on the football calendar.

eFootball holds licenses for some of the top football clubs worldwide, including Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, AC Milan, and Inter Milan, along with some professional leagues and a handful of stadiums. You can play with your footballing heroes in Dream Team (similar to EA’s Ultimate Team) where players build their fantasy football club and aim to dominate in ranked play. eFootball 2023 is available on mobile phones, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Get eFootball 2023 0n Play Store | App Store | Xbox | PlayStation | NIntendo Switch

3. Football Manager 2023

EGS FootballManager2023 SportsInteractive S1 2560x1440 28187c5e17149ab967b8f3d3dd56a796 Dopi Techologies

Football Manager 2023 is a game that provides you with the opportunity to test your managerial/tactical skills.  This game is a lot of fun but also comes with health benefits as it helps to enhance your tactical skills via critical thinking. FM 2023 boasts of new amazing features such as; a 3D graphic design and brilliant opposition. Football Manager 2023 is available on mobile phones, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Get Football Manager 2023 0n Play Store | App Store | Xbox | PlayStation | NIntendo Switch

4. Dream League Soccer 2023

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Dream League Soccer 2023 is a top-rated mobile game developed by First Touch Games. In this game players build and manage their soccer team, moving from the lower divisions of a non-real league to the Legendary Division. The game has the FIFPRO license, players can sign real-life professional players to their team through an in-game transfer market and compete in cup or league matches against other teams. The game also has a training mode, where players can improve the abilities of the members of their team.

With good gameplay, the game boasts 3D graphics and realistic animations. The game allows players to customize their team’s logo, uniform, and stadium in the game. Players earn experience points as they compete in matches. They use these points to improve the abilities of their teammates.

You can participate in challenges such as the Legendary Division, All-Stars’ Cup, Global Challenge Cup, Exhibition (which is offline), and many more. DLS 2023 is available on iOS and Android devices.

Get DLS 2023 on Play Store | App Store

5. Score! Hero 2023

unnamed Dopi Techologies

Score! Hero 2023 is a mobile game also developed by First Touch Games. Unlike other football games, this game requires the user to control a personalized hero/player in a team.

The game is not as complex as others, it’s rather simple. It lets you choose a player and lead him through his career. You are also allowed to switch teams and gain caps for your country. It is a puzzle-like strategic game.

Get Score! Hero 2023 on Play Store | App Store

What’s Your Choice?

There are lots of good football games, but the ones stand out above. You are free to play any game you wish to play if you derive joy and satisfaction from it. Which do you prefer from this list? Have you played any? Kindly comments.

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