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Top 10 Apps to Track Your Health During Pandemics (Covid-19)

During pandemics, a whole lot of people have no choice but to stay indoors so they’d not be infected. In such times, the only way to keep in touch with your family members that are afield is through communications tools/apps/platforms...

Top 5 best smartphone spying apps

Smartphone spying apps are among the “most searched for apps” on the internet. This is because they help to silently spy on other people’s smartphones and get some important data for different reasons. In this article, I will...

FlexClip Online Video Maker Review; create videos for free

Currently, a lot of people prefer video tutorials to local blog posts. Also, one of the most lucrative ways digital marketers convey their message and gain good ROI is via video clips. All inclusive, video clips are becoming so popular insomuch that...

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