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How To Hard Reset MTN Lumos Solar System to Fix Common Problems

How to Fix Common Problems With MTN Yellow Box

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The Yellow Box (MTN Lumos Solar System) was one of my regrettable buys some years ago, but then, it does come in handy for me at some point, still. If I’m stuck in an emergency power supply condition, the system powers my laptop and mobile devices at a go. However, the Lumos solar system always puts up different “annoying” issues.

Of course, if you phone the customer support department, they will guide you on how to fix most common issues with the Yellow Box. The Lumos customer support line is 0800 123 4567. Nevertheless, I have had countless scenarios where the Lumos customer support couldn’t help out until I persisted. So, I figured out I should share some tips on how to fix common problems with the MTN Lumos solar system.

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How To Hard Reset MTN Lumos Solar System to Fix Common Problems With The Yellow Box

How To Hard Reset MTN Lumos Solar System

Hard resetting the yellow box can fix common issues like intermittent power issues (if the box turns off completely even when the battery is not yet low). Typically, if you overload the box, it will show a “warning” note on the LCD and then proceed to turn off if you do not reduce the load. When this happens, in most cases, the system will only come up again following a hard reset.

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If your Lumos solar system just turned off completely and wouldn’t turn on even after pressing down the power button for a long time, then it needs a hard reset. Below is the procedure to run a hard reset on the MTN Lumos solar yellow box.

  • Step One: Remove/disconnect all connections to the box (the solar panel cable, bulb cable(s), power inverter, and any other connected cable(s)).
  • Step Two: Press and hold the “Info” button and “Power” button at the same time. Press both buttons down for about 30 seconds. In some cases, the system will power up within this timeframe. But if it doesn’t, remove your finger from the “Info” button and press down only the “Power” button; the system should come up by now. If it still doesn’t, repeat the process – ensure that all connections to the yellow box are removed.
  • Step Three: When the yellow box comes on, reconnect your cable and accessories and continue usage.
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The guide above is how to hard reset MTN Lumos solar system. This works most of the time to power on the yellow box after it goes off completely and refuses to turn on “normally.” However, if the box still doesn’t come up after this hard reset, phone the customer support department to assign a technician to you.

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