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Updated: Best 10 Apps for College Students’ 2023

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Discover the best college apps for every smart student!

The return is coming soon; you have the back to school tips, the purchases and supplies, the search for the student apartment, and the apps to download! This is the most fun part of the school year. These mobile apps listed here will make school life easier for you this time; whether it’s budget, transport, or shopping.

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Best 10 Apps for College Students 2021

Apps to manage your wallet

#1. Bankin’ – managing your expenses


This is likely the most essential app to manage your expenses as a student at the college level. It has a practical interface; easy to use. The app is free and secure.

Why use Bankin’ as a college student?

It offers you a clear overview of your expenses, your income, and the amount you have left until the end of the month. In addition, expenses are categorized by theme: gifts, shopping, outings, fuel, etc. This app is very useful to manage your budget and not to be discovered in the middle of the month.

Install Bankin’ from Playstore or iTunes

#2. Lydia – make money and pay back her friends


With the Lydia App installed on your smartphone, you can virtually send money to anyone. This created at the base for the students and has gained popularity and diversified more and more. It proposes to make secure transfers to your relatives without going through your bank.

No more checks or cash withdrawals, you can reimburse your friends for a shared gift, party, carpool, etc. It is even possible to pay for purchases at some merchants with the application.

Install Lydia from Playstore or iTunes

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The app to manage your schedule

#3. AppScho – keeps you up-to-date


In school already but your teacher is absent? or you probably had a change of classroom and it’s boring? These inconveniences are very common in college or at the university. Well, with AppScho, no more wasting time! You will always be up-to-date at all times: changes of schedule, absences, grades and ECTS credits obtained, and even internship offers.

The interaction becomes direct between the students and the teaching team and the information is transmitted simultaneously. This App was developed by two former students in order to simplify the students’ life; the application has an advanced interface for a large number of institutions of higher education, including ESCP Europe.

Install AppScho from PlayStore or iTunes

Apps for City Drives and Adventure

#4. CityMaps2Go – to move to the big cities


City mapper is an application that offers all possible modes of transport to reach your destination faster. This is the most complete app for transportation. Indeed, it indicates:

  • all the public transport networks with schedules
  • The problems and possible incidents (even recurring!) on the lines of metros, RER, tram, etc.
  • walking time
  • driving time by taking into account traffic in real-time
  • the nearest Autolib ‘stations
  • cycling time
  • the nearest available ‘stations with their availability
  • the cost and duration of a ride in Uber

The only problem with this application, it is available in France only for the conurbations of Paris and Lyon. Other cities are offered for travelers to Berlin, Madrid, London, Barcelona, and many more! As a bonus: the app also tells you how many calories you have spent walking or cycling, enough to tip the scales.

Install CityMaps2Go from Playstore or iTunes

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#5. Waze App – avoid traffic jams and be on time


For students traveling by car to their school or university, you will no longer have a late excuse with Waze. This app shows in real time the traffic from point A to point B.

Is this App foolproof?

Almost! Because the databases are updated by the users themselves. The community of drivers is very active and it indicates everything: traffic, traffic jams, road works, controls, accidents, etc.

With all its information in mind, Waze offers you the shortest route or the route adapted to your request. Small plus: fuel prices are also indicated, convenient to find the cheapest station in the area.

 Install Waze from Playstore or iTunes

#6. AlcooTel – driving safely

AlcooTel MAAF

AlcooTel is an application developed by MAAF prevention and security to test the blood alcohol level of its users. It tells you if you are safe to hit the road after a hang out; you need to enter some criteria like your age, weight, sex, size, and also, you must indicate everything you have eaten and the hours of consumption.

This app will then give you an estimate of your blood alcohol level. All the same, this app does not replace a breathalyzer! In case of uncertainty, it is better to always have one on you before taking the road.

Install AlcooTel MAAF from Playstore or iTunes

Apps for entertainment

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#5. Pocket – Kill boredom everywhere


Tired of always listening to the same music in transport? Want to watch videos or read morning articles? But in transport, generally, the 4G connection is not the fastest. No more boredom with Pocket! This application offers you to save videos, articles, documents, etc. from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

By backing up, these media are synced to the app and you can view them anywhere, even without connecting to wifi or mobile data.

This college app also allows preserving your 4G if you spend your time on YouTube or Daily Motion. No more pages that take five minutes to load, so you can make your traveling neighbors believe that your connection works better than everyone else! Little more: The storage is unlimited.

Install Pocket from Playstore or iTunes

#8. TV Time – do not lose yourself in your series

TV Time

This application is not a competitor of Netflix or Canal Play but offers an essential service for “binge-watchers” (excessive consumers of TV series). This is a complete guide on all TV series. With your profile, you can subscribe to your favorite shows and see the release of upcoming episodes.

You will not miss the release of the next episode of your favorite series. To not be lost in a season, you also indicate on the app all the episodes you’ve watched. A simple click on TV Time and you know that you stopped at episode 14 of season 3.

A counter appears on your profile, but you should avoid looking at it (or you will realize that you have spent a month and 43 days of your life in front of a series). Little more: discussions, quizzes, and articles on the series are also waiting for you.

Install TV Time from Playstore or iTunes

Apps to manage your shopping (and meals)

#9. Scan Up – optimize your shopping list


More than just a shopping list, Scan Up is an application that offers you to improve your diet. And that goes through your supermarket list! With Scan up, you can scan the products you consume regularly to add them to your list on the app.

The latter then tells you the nutritional qualities and the average price of the product. You have the indicated fat, sugar and salt intake. And if you want to opt for an equivalent product, but healthier for your body, Scan up offers you on its app an alternative that might suit you. A good way to diversify your shopping and to ensure your food.

Install ScanUp from Playstore or iTunes

#10. Mobeye – make money by going shopping


This is one of the best college apps to make money! The Mobeye principle? You register and see the missions near you! You choose one, and you just have to go to the store to fulfill the mission. Be careful, however, the missions require a little time. You must take several photos (in front of the store, at the entrance, photos of products), do not be embarrassed to do the tourist at the local supermarket!

But if you fulfill your mission well, you win between 3 and 7 dollars. This money is then transferred by bank transfer.

Install Mobeye from Playstore or iTunes

Wrap Up:

These are the Best 10 apps for college students. They’ll help you keep track of all your activities and also keep you up to date. All the apps listed here are available on Google PlayStore and iTunes; we have also provided you with the link to install them from these app stores.

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